It’s all about choosing the right words.

The words you use determine what people think of you. If you sound smart, upper-class, street, or something else.

Especially in business, words can help you move up the ladder and land that promotion. Choosing the wrong words may cause you to reach a plateau in your career and never hit that next sales target.

Our mission is to help you every time you are looking for the best synonym for a word or phrase.

our story

In most jobs these days, writing professional emails is an essential part of the job description. Making a good impression on clients, coworkers, and superiors is key to succeed at work.

That’s our own story as well. With a job in the banking sector, sounding professional was especially important. It wasn’t just pocket change at risk. Every day, it was necessary to search for a phrase to verify that it was indeed good enough to use in an email to the boss. Oftentimes, there wasn’t a very good answer online, and the only solution was to use a synonym.

To make sure you won’t have to spend more than a few minutes writing emails, we created WordSelector to provide you with a comprehensive source for everyday communication.

We will carefully select the best words out there for both formal and informal situations. And, we’ll let you know if you are already using the correct word or phrase.

Often, we find that you don’t need to change much. You might just need a little help to spice up your language.

Reach out if you want us to write about a specific word or phrase