11 Synonyms for “Challenge Myself” on Your Resume

So, you want to include that you like to challenge yourself to be better on your resume. It’s always admirable to show that you’re bettering yourself but is “challenge myself” the best phrase?

This article will explore other synonyms you can use in your CVs to impress employers.

Challenge Myself Synonyms

  • Persevere
  • Always pushing myself to learn more
  • Self-challenging
  • Better myself
  • Push myself
  • Exert myself
  • Challenge everything about me
  • Give it my all
  • Further my prospects
  • Keep going until I’m done
  • Make myself uncomfortable


  • “Challenge myself” is a great choice to include on a resume.
  • You could say you “persevere” if you want a one-word option that works well.
  • “Always pushing myself to learn more” is a great choice to show that you’ll do whatever you can to accept a challenge.

There are some great options available, and you should know more about them! Keep reading to learn the best phrases to include in your resume to mix things up.

You can also learn more about “challenge myself” in the last section. We’ve explained whether it’s correct and acceptable.


“Persevere” is a useful one-word alternative for “challenge myself.” It works well formally, as it shows you are willing to put work in that others may not be. You should include it in your resume to let employers know that you always try your best at work.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “persevere” as “to persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counter influences, opposition, or discouragement.”

Generally, perseverance implies you will keep working even when met with resistance. Therefore, it implies you are an excellent problem-solver and always willing to take on new challenges.

So, you should include “persevere” in some form on your resume to impress employers. It will certainly set you above your peers, making you a more desirable candidate for most workplaces.

You can use “persevere” and “challenge myself” in similar situations. Both sound professional and interesting on a resume, so feel free to switch between them to mix things up.

You might benefit from referring to the examples below:

It’s important for me to persevere when things get tricky. I like to show people that I am worth my weight.

I persevere when others might falter. The challenge is always fun, so I’m no stranger to challenging myself.

Always Pushing Myself to Learn More

“Always pushing myself to learn more” shows an employer that you’re willing to work hard. It works well as an alternative because it suggests you never stop learning. It’s excellent for demonstrating that you value personal growth.

It’s a useful phrase because it shows you push past what most people are willing to do. Therefore, you’ll be more desirable than other applicants because you always want to learn something new.

It also sounds quite professional without being too arrogant. It implies that you’ll do what you can to learn about the business and job role without believing you’re better than anyone else. All of these qualities will work wonders for you during the application process.

Feel free to use “always pushing myself to learn more” and “challenge myself” in similar contexts. Though, “always pushing myself to learn more” certainly adds something extra that shows you’re willing to put more effort in.

Here are a few examples you can refer to in a resume context:

I am always pushing myself to learn more. I don’t like to settle for second best, so I will do what I can to challenge myself.

It helps that I always push myself to learn more. I believe that’s why I climbed the ladder so quickly.

Should You Say That You Challenge Yourself on Your Resume?

You should say that you challenge yourself on your resume. It is acceptable to let employers know that you enjoy challenging yourself when you are presented with difficult tasks.

The more willing you are to test yourself and push your limits, the more hireable you become. So, employers will definitely look at your CV or cover letter positively if you include a phrase relating to pushing yourself.

It’s quite professional, which makes “challenge myself” acceptable as a phrase. Of course, there are always alternatives, which is what this article aimed to demonstrate.

Feel free to keep this page bookmarked. That way, you’ll always have something to refer back to when you want some other synonyms.