13 Other Ways to Say “Dream Come True”

The saying, “dream come true,” is very effective in many cases. Perhaps you’re trying to use it formally, but is it really the best phrase?

Luckily, this article will answer that question! We’ve gathered some great synonyms for another way to say “dream come true.”

Other Ways to Say “Dream Come True”

  • Exceeds my expectations
  • Better than I could have ever hoped
  • Wish granted
  • Better than imagined
  • From vision to reality
  • Dream come to life
  • Dreams becoming real life
  • Perfect scenario
  • Best-case
  • It couldn’t be better
  • Couldn’t ask for more
  • Achieved my goal
  • Fantasy fulfilled


  • “Dream come true” is correct and works well in many situations, though it’s not very professional.
  • Try using “exceeds my expectations” if you want a truly formal alternative.
  • “Better than I could have ever hoped” works well informally.

As you can see, these terms are great to use when learning how to say “dream come true” professionally (and informally). Keep reading to learn more details about the most effective phrases.

You might also be interested in the final section. You can skip ahead if you’d like to learn whether “dream come true” is correct and how to use it.

Exceeds My Expectations (Formal)

“Exceeds my expectations” is a great formal synonym for “dream come true.” If you want to sound as professional as possible, this phrase is the way to go about it.

It works well when emailing your boss to show them that you’re thrilled about a new promotion. If you’ve wanted the promotion for a while, “exceeds my expectations” will let them know that it’s everything you wanted and more.

You can also use the term to express general enthusiasm about a workplace. It shows you’re keen and ready to start working at a new office.

We highly encourage using “exceeds my expectations” over “dream come true” in business contexts. It’s much more respectful as a phrase and makes you sound more formal.

Check out these examples to give you more information:

Dear Terry,

This new role exceeds my expectations. I’m so glad you offered it to me, and I won’t let you down.

Kindest regards,

I have to say, everything here exceeds my expectations. I’m so proud to be a part of this organization.

Better Than I Could Have Ever Hoped (Informal)

“Better than I could have ever hoped” is a very useful informal synonym for “dream come true.” It shows that something has surpassed your wildest dreams, especially if you weren’t expecting it to be so good.

Why not try it when speaking with colleagues and letting them know all about your new job role? If you’ve had a recent promotion, it might be worth talking to them and showing them how happy you are, especially if you have a close relationship.

You could also try using this phrase when messaging friends about your new girlfriend or boyfriend.

We don’t think that “better than I could have ever hoped” works well formally, though. You should avoid it in emails. “Dream come true” generally isn’t much better in formal emails, so ensure you stick to using both in conversational contexts only.

These examples will demonstrate how it works:

All of this is better than I could have ever hoped. I don’t quite understand why I deserve this!

Well, she is better than I could have ever hoped, Adrian. I’m so lucky to have her around.

Is It Correct to Say “Dream Come True”?

“Dream come true” is correct in many contexts. However, it is not a formal phrase, so you should avoid using it in most business settings.

It is an idiom that suggests that something you’ve wanted for a long time has finally happened. You can use it when you’ve achieved something positive in life or have everything you currently need or want.

You might also think of it as a metaphor. It describes your life as a dream, showing people that you’ve achieved something you never thought possible.

There are some instances where you might come across a hyphenated version of the phrase. For example:

  • It’s a dream-come-true example!

This is very uncommon. However, it’s correct to include a hyphen between the words when they modify a noun. In the above example, the term modifies “example” to show you why the hyphens are there.

If you ever need another synonym for “dream come true,” you can return to this page! That way, you’ll always have something new and exciting to try.