11 Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Stay”

So, someone has just checked in at a hotel, and you said “enjoy your stay.” It’s a very common phrase to welcome new guests.

However, is it the only acceptable one?

This article will answer that question! We’ve gathered the best synonyms to show you what to say instead of “enjoy your stay.”

Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Stay”

  • We hope you have a lovely time here
  • Make the most of your vacation!
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Enjoy your trip
  • I hope this getaway is everything you need
  • Make yourself at home
  • Make yourself comfortable
  • Don’t forget to take a second to enjoy it
  • Please, enjoy every second
  • I’m sure you’ll feel right at home
  • Have a nice vacation


  • “Enjoy your stay” is common in hotels when someone has checked in, though it’s a bit overused.
  • “We hope you have a lovely time here” is a great formal synonym that will mix things up.
  • Try using “make the most of your vacation!” in more informal settings.

Of course, there’s still more to discuss regarding these synonyms. Keep reading to learn more about them and which situations work best for them.

Also, you can learn more about “enjoy your stay” in the final section. We’ve explained whether it’s correct and how to use it.

We Hope You Have a Lovely Time Here (Formal)

“We hope you have a lovely time here” is a great formal alternative for “enjoy your stay.” It shows that you work in a hotel or establishment that hosts people on vacation.

You should use this phrase when welcoming guests to your establishment. It’s generally a very friendly and professional way to greet someone. Most people will feel very comfortable after you use a phrase like this to say hello.

We certainly recommend using “we hope you have a lovely time here” over “enjoy your stay” in professional cases. It’s much more formal, making it more useful when you want to be respectful.

Here are some examples to show you how to use it:

Good evening. We hope you have a lovely time here. Don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything you need.

We hope you have a lovely time here. Is there anything you might need from us before you settle in?

Make the Most of Your Vacation! (Informal)

“Make the most of your vacation!” is a great informal exclamation. You can use it as a synonym to tell someone to enjoy their time away from work.

“Vacation” works here as it shows someone has booked some time away from work. It’s most common to say this as a farewell just before someone leaves to go on vacation.

For example, you might say it to a coworker who is working their last shift before going away for a few days or weeks. That way, you can encourage them to enjoy themselves and the vacation they have planned.

Of course, “make the most of your vacation!” isn’t great formally. It’s an exclamation that works better in conversational situations. “Enjoy your stay” is slightly more effective if you want a professional alternative.

Perhaps these examples will help you understand more about it:

Please, make the most of your vacation time, Greg! You certainly need to get out there and have some fun.

Make the most of your vacation while you’re with us. We hope it’s everything you came here for!

Is It Correct to Say “Enjoy Your Stay”?

“Enjoy your stay” is correct when someone has checked in to a hotel or another holiday destination.

It’s common for customer-facing workers to use a phrase like this to be friendly and approachable to new customers.

It’s rare to hear “enjoy your stay” outside of the hospitality industry. After all, there aren’t many situations where it seems to apply.

You can also use some of these variations:

  • Enjoy your time
  • Enjoy your trip
  • I hope you enjoy your stay
  • Enjoy your stay there
  • Enjoy your stay with us

You should only stick to the verb form “stay,” though. Some people make the mistake of changing it to the gerund form “staying,” but this doesn’t make sense.

For instance:

  • Correct: Enjoy your stay with us!
  • Incorrect: Please, enjoy your staying.

“Staying” is the wrong tense. “Stay” should be the only one you use since it’s the only one that makes grammatical sense in this context.

Feel free to bookmark this page if you’d like to remind yourself of the best synonyms for “enjoy your stay.” That way, you’ll always have something ready to go when necessary.