12 Other Ways to Say “I Understand”

Are you trying to show someone you understand in the simplest possible way? Well, you might think “I understand” does just that.

Still, it’s worth checking out some alternatives. This article will explore another way to say “I understand” in different situations.

Other Ways to Say “I Understand”

  • Of course
  • I read you loud and clear
  • Understood
  • Well understood
  • I’m with you
  • I get you
  • Say no more
  • Noted and understood
  • That is fine
  • Acceptable
  • I follow
  • I know what you mean


  • “I understand” is suitable in formal situations when you know what someone is asking of you.
  • “Of course” is a confident professional alternative that works well in all written contexts.
  • Try using “I read you loud and clear” if you want a more informal synonym.

You can use any of these synonyms to show someone you understand them. Keep reading to learn more about the best ones and how to say “I understand” professionally.

You might also want to read the final section to learn whether “I understand” is rude. If you’re here for more information on that, then the last section is certainly the one for you.

Of Course (Formal)

“Of course” is an excellent formal alternative for “I understand.” It works really well because it’s clear and confident, showing someone that you accept and understand whatever they say to you.

It’s a great phrase in a business email. You should try using it when emailing your boss to let them know you’ll do the task they set for you without any arguments.

In some instances, “of course” might sound a bit cocky. You should watch out for that, as that’s not the tone you want to convey in your writing. Only use it when you agree with the information provided and are happy to follow it.

You can use “of course” and “I understand” in very similar professional contexts. Maybe try switching between the two to mix things up in your formal emails.

Here are some examples showing you how it might work:

Dear Roger,

Of course. That all makes sense to me. I’ll get on top of the project as soon as possible.

Thank you very much,

Of course, I haven’t had any issues with it so far. I’ll let you know if there’s anything else I need, though.

I Read You Loud and Clear (Informal)

“I read you loud and clear” is a fun, informal synonym for “I understand.” It’s great to use conversationally while keeping things light-hearted.

You should try to use it when messaging friends about a task. If they’ve asked you to check something for them, you can say “I read you loud and clear” to show that you accept and understand the task set.

Unfortunately, “I read you loud and clear” is not useful formally. You should stick with “I understand” if you want to remain as respectful and professional as possible.

Why not check out the following examples to help out:

I read you loud and clear, Mathew! I’ll be along shortly to help you pack your things.

No, I read you loud and clear! I don’t need you to explain any more than that. Thanks!

Is It Rude to Say “I Understand”?

It is not rude to say “I understand.” In fact, it’s quite a useful phrase showing someone that you get what they’re saying and will complete their assignment swiftly.

The problem is it’s a bit snappy. For example, if you don’t let someone fully explain themselves before saying “I understand,” you might cause offense. Then again, the same applies to plenty of phrases in English, so it’s best to remain polite and wait for someone to stop speaking.

You can also use these variations of the phrase:

  • Understood
  • I understand that
  • I understand where you are coming from
  • I understand your concern
  • I understand the situation

“Understood” and “I understand” are identical phrases. You’ll often find people using both in formal contexts to let someone know they understand something from another party.

There is no grammatical difference between them. It’s up to you to determine which you prefer. Though, some might argue that “I understand” is slightly more personal since you use “I” (a personal pronoun).

Feel free to bookmark this page if you need more synonyms later. That way, you’ll always have something interesting to say besides “I understand.”