13 Other Ways to Say “I Will Keep You Updated”

Keeping someone up to date with important information doesn’t have to be rocket science. Yes, “I will keep you updated” is a good phrase, but is it the best one?

This article will dive into some of the best synonyms for what to say instead of “I will keep you updated.” You’ll have plenty of other options ready to go by the end of this!

Other Ways to Say “I Will Keep You Updated”

  • I will update you
  • I will keep you posted
  • I will keep you informed
  • We’ll let you know
  • We’ll stay in touch
  • I will keep you in the loop
  • You will be told
  • You will be informed
  • I can update you
  • I’ll email you again when
  • When I know more, I’ll tell you
  • Leave it with me
  • I’ll contact you again soon


  • “I will keep you updated” is a great phrase to include in a business email when keeping someone informed.
  • You could also say “I will update you” if you want a professional phrase to keep someone in the loop.
  • “I will keep you posted” offers a more informal variation.

You should keep reading if you want to find out more about the best alternatives. We’ll show you a conversational and formal way of saying “I will keep you updated” to mix things up.

You can also go to the final section to learn whether “I will keep you updated” is correct. If you came here to learn more about that, you only need to read through the last section!

I Will Update You (Formal)

If you want to know how to say “I will keep you updated” professionally, you could try “I will update you.” It’s an excellent formal synonym that works well in emails.

It’s effective because it’s direct. You can use “I will” to start a sentence with a purpose. It lets the recipient know that you have a specific goal or plan in mind relating to “updating” them.

You’ll have the most luck with this phrase when emailing employees or colleagues about something. If you learn new information before the recipient, you can say “I will update you” and get back to them as soon as you hear more.

We encourage trying to use this more direct phrase over “I will keep you updated” if you want to appear confident. Both phrases work well, but “I will update you” is clear and shows strong leadership skills.

Why not refer to these email examples to help you further:

Dear Tammy,

I will update you as soon as I know more. For now, I hope you don’t mind waiting a bit longer.

Yours sincerely,

Hi Michael,

I will update you when I can. I don’t have all the facts just yet, though.

All the best,

I Will Keep You Posted (Informal)

“I will keep you posted” is a much better choice for how to say “I will keep you updated” informally.

It is a more conversational option showing you’ll keep someone in the loop when you learn more information.

“Posted” is used in place of “updated” here. It works in a similar way, but it shows that you’re not as focused on keeping someone up to date. It shows that you’ll do your best to update them when you can.

This phrase works best when updating friends. It tells them that you’ll message them (or speak to them) when you know more, though there’s no guarantee you’ll ever know more about the specific subject.

We still think “I will keep you updated” works better for business and formal contexts. Still, “I will keep you posted” offers a much more approachable choice.

Here are a few examples that might help:

Don’t worry. I will keep you posted and let you know if there’s anything else we need to do.

I will keep you posted about that. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get the information, though.

Is It Correct to Say “I Will Keep You Updated”?

“I will keep you updated” is grammatically correct and formal. You can use it to show that you’ll email someone when you learn more information about something.

“I will keep you updated” suggests you’ll learn more information over time. It works best when you don’t currently have all the information. This allows the email recipient to wait until you find out more.

Obviously, you have to keep the recipient up to date. If you do not “update” them, then you are going against the meaning behind “I will keep you updated.”

There’s nothing else you need to know about the phrase! You can always bookmark this page and return when you need a quick refresher, though.