15 Other Words for “This Shows” in an Essay

Are you worried about including “this shows” again and again in an essay?

After all, the last thing you want to do is sound repetitive and boring.

Fret not! You have found yourself in the right place.

This article will explore other ways to say “this shows” in an essay.

Other Ways to Say “This Shows”

  • This demonstrates
  • Suggesting
  • This indicates
  • Revealing
  • This implies
  • Signifying
  • This portrays
  • This illustrates
  • Presenting
  • Confirming
  • This establishes
  • This proves
  • Supporting
  • This points to
  • This highlights


  • “This shows” is a common phrase used in essays to demonstrate how one thing leads to another.
  • “This demonstrates” is a great formal synonym that’ll help to spice up your academic writing.
  • Try “suggesting” as an alternative that shows how one thing could have created another.

Keep reading to learn different ways to say “this shows.” We’ve covered the two best phrases to help you understand more about how you can improve your essays.

Alternatively, you can read the final section to learn whether it’s correct to write “this shows.” It’s appropriate to check this out before continuing to include it in your essay!

This Demonstrates

If you’re looking for words to use instead of “this shows” in an essay, try “this demonstrates.” It’s a great formal synonym that’ll help to spice things up.

It also comes with two options. You can use it at the start of a sentence as written:

 This is option one. This demonstrates how to continue a thought from the previous sentence.

Or, you can include it as part of the same sentence. To do this, you should switch “this demonstrates” to “demonstrating.” For example:

This is option two, demonstrating that it’s part of the same sentence.

Either way, both are correct. The same applies to “this shows,” where you can use “showing” to include it in the same sentence.

It’s a great way to help the reader follow your process. This should make your essay much easier to read, even if the reader isn’t all that familiar with the topic.

You can also refer to these essay samples:

As you can see, we have also gathered all the necessary data. This demonstrates that we were correct about our original hypothesis.

They have created different rules for what we know. This demonstrates that they’re worried someone might try to interfere with them.


Also, you can write “suggesting” instead of “this shows.” It’s another great professional synonym that’ll help you to keep your writing interesting.

As we’ve already stated, you can use “suggesting” as part of the same sentence:

This is how it works, suggesting you can keep it to one sentence.

Or, you can switch it to “this suggests” to start a new sentence. For instance:

This is how it works. This suggests that you can create two sentences.

Both are correct. They also allow you to switch between them, giving you two options to help mix up your writing and keep the reader engaged.

Here are some essay examples if you still need help:

We have many new ideas ready to go, suggesting that we’re on the road to success. We just need more time.

This is the only way to complete the task, suggesting that things aren’t going to be as easy as we first thought.

Is It Correct to Say “This Shows”?

It is correct to say “this shows.” It’s a great word to use in an essay, and we highly recommend it when you’d like to show how one thing leads to another.

It’s a formal option, which is why it works so well in academic writing.

Also, it allows the reader to follow your thought process, which helps keep things streamlined and clear.

For instance:

Here is an example of how we can achieve this. This shows that we have considered every option so far.

“This shows” always starts a new sentence. You can use it whenever you’d like to connect back to the former sentence directly.

Also, makes sure you use “shows” as the verb form. It comes after “this,” so the only correct form is “shows.” To remind you, you can refer to these examples:

  • Correct: This shows that things are supposed to work this way.
  • Incorrect: This show that we know what we’re doing.

It’s worth using some extensions if you’re still looking to mix things up as well. Try any of the following:

  • This evidence shows
  • This picture shows
  • This data shows
  • This graph shows
  • This study shows

Including something between “this” and “shows” allows you to be more specific. It helps direct the reader’s attention to something from the previous sentence.