11 Synonyms for “Play an Important Role”

So, you want to show that you or something else played an important role, right? Well, “play an important role” is simple enough to use, but is it the only phrase?

This article will explore what to say instead of “play an important role.” We’ve gathered the best synonyms to mix things up.

“Play an Important Role” Synonyms

  • Contributor
  • Give a lot
  • Play an important part
  • Play an essential role
  • Positive influence
  • Very important
  • Play a significant role
  • Play a vital role
  • Key figure
  • Play a key role
  • Play a major role


  • “Play an important role” is a good way to show that something has had a positive impact.
  • “Contributor” is a great professional synonym that can work in many contexts.
  • You can say “give a lot” informally to show that something positively impacts another source.

Keep reading to learn more about the best synonyms for “play an important role.” We’ve covered the best options formally and informally to show you what else to write.

You can also skip to the final section to learn more about playing an important role. We’ve explored whether the phrase is correct and appropriate before you write about it.

Contributor (Formal)

“Contributor” is a great formal alternative if you want a one-word variation. It is much simpler to use than “play an important role.” Most readers will understand that you have had a positive influence on something due to your contribution.

You may want to use it when writing a resume. It lets a potential employer know that you are a hard worker and offer something positive to a team. Naturally, those qualities make you quite desirable.

It also shows that something has had a specific effect on another project or task. For instance, a new system could be a good contributor to help you complete a project quicker than you originally expected.

We recommend using “contributor” and “play an important role” in similar contexts. Both are professional, so they work well in a business setting. Why not switch between them to keep things interesting?

You can refer to these examples to help you:

I’m a positive contributor, so people rely on me to help them. I’m glad I can offer my services.

The system was the biggest contributor to the project. We wouldn’t have been half as efficient without it.

Give a Lot (Informal)

“Give a lot” is a more informal alternative to “play an important role.” You can use it when you want to show that you always go above and beyond to help.

For instance, you might say “give a lot” when talking to colleagues at work. It shows you like to offer assistance whenever possible. Maybe you want them to see you as a friend and someone they can rely on. It works well to highlight more positive and friendly features.

It also works well when something has played an important role in completing a task. For instance, you could say that a team meeting “gave a lot” to help you and others complete something together.

We don’t recommend using “give a lot” formally, though. It’s not all that effective because it’s a bit too conversational. Stick with “play an important role” in formal writing if you want to keep a professional tone.

These examples should help you understand it:

I like to give a lot when people need me. Otherwise, what’s the point of working on a team?

The meeting gave a lot to us, and we made the most of it. We will be doing them more often to get through this.

Is It Correct to Say “Play an Important Role”?

“Play an important role” is correct. It shows you’ve had a positive impact on something (like working on a team or contributing to a project).

It’s quite good to include a phrase like this on a resume. It shows you are reliable and helpful. The bigger your role or impact, the more likely an employer will look at you positively and hire you for your qualities.

It can also show that something has had a positive impact on you. For instance, you might have received a new qualification that taught you how to do your job better. Therefore, the qualification “plays an important role.”

Moreover, you can use it in a more general sense to explain that something has played an important role in something else. It could, for instance, be that a new system at your workplace has had a positive impact on the overall performance.

So, “play an important role” is quite a versatile phrase. It works both for people and objects. We recommend using it to cover both aspects.

Bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best synonyms for “play an important role.” While it’s a great option, it’s always a good idea to have a few extra words and phrases ready to go.