What Do You Call Someone Who Asks a Lot of Questions?

It’s important to ask questions and investigate the world around you. However, whoever said there’s no such thing as a stupid question obviously hasn’t gotten out much!

So, if you’re wondering what to call someone who asks a lot of questions, consider the list we’ve provided below!

Words for a Person Who Asks a Lot of Questions

  • Inquisitive
  • Pesterer
  • Nosy
  • Curious
  • Inquirer
  • Wonderer
  • Prober
  • Invasive
  • Impertinent
  • Badgering
  • Interrogator
  • Philosopher


  • If a person asks many questions, you can call them “inquisitive.”
  • If they ask many stupid questions with the aim of bothering you, you can call them a “pesterer.”
  • A “nosy” person asks too many personal questions.

Don’t go anywhere! We still need to unpack our top three words for someone who asks a lot of questions.

Moreover, we’ll provide some examples using each of them.


“Inquisitive” is a character trait and a great word for someone who asks “why” and questions everything.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “inquisitive” as “wanting to discover as much as you can about things, sometimes in a way that annoys people.”

As you can see, “inquisitive” can be used in a positive or negative way, depending on the context. One on hand, asking a lot of questions can irritate people.  On the other hand, it’s great to question things and think critically.

Therefore, you can call someone “inquisitive” if they ask good questions and you want to encourage their curiosity. You can also call them “inquisitive” if you find them highly bothersome but you want to be polite.

Consider the examples below:

Desmond is a very inquisitive child, and he has prompted many interesting class discussions.

It’s good to be inquisitive, but it’s also good to mind your business.


“Pesterer” is a nickname for someone who asks a lot of questions to an excessive degree.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “pester” as “to behave in an annoying manner towards someone by doing or asking for something repeatedly.”

Therefore, a “pesterer” is a person who asks too many questions to the great vexation of others.

Usually, they are trying to wear another person down to get what they want. Think of a child repeatedly asking for a toy until their parent gives in. That’s A+ and efficient pestering!

Moreover, a “pesterer” is especially annoying if they ask many stupid questions that are irrelevant or unnecessary in context just to annoy the other person.

Check out the examples below to see what we mean:

Shaun, quit being such a pesterer – we’re not getting a dog.

Please don’t make me work with him, everyone calls him the office pesterer.


Another word for asking a lot of questions is being “nosy.”

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “nosy” as “too interested in what other people are doing and wanting to discover too much about them.”

Therefore, you can use this word to describe a person who asks too many personal questions. This term comes from the idea of a person sticking their nose in other people’s business.

Let’s see how you can use “nosy” in a couple of example sentences:

My gran was always very nosy – she’d pretend to prune her roses so she could hear the next-door neighbors arguing.

I don’t mean to be nosy, but I’m dying to know why there’s a fish tank on top of your fridge.