9 Words for Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Others’ Feelings

When you’re looking for a word to describe someone who doesn’t care about others’ feelings, a plethora of unsavory insults may come to mind.

But let’s keep things classy! Below, you’ll find some inoffensive words for an uncaring person who has no regard for the feelings of others.

Words for Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Others’ Feelings

  • Selfish
  • Thoughtless
  • Inconsiderate
  • Apathetic
  • Self-absorbed
  • Oblivious
  • Uncaring
  • Insensitive
  • Unfeeling


  • If a person is too busy worrying about themselves to care about other people, you can call them “selfish.”
  • You can use “thoughtless” to describe someone who doesn’t think about other people’s feelings.
  • A person is “inconsiderate” if they act without taking other people’s feelings into consideration.

Don’t click away! In the next section, we’ll discuss our three favorite adjectives for a person who doesn’t care about others’ feelings.

We’ll even provide some helpful examples using each!


When someone doesn’t care about your feelings, you can call them “selfish.”

After all, Merriam-Webster defines this word as “arising from concern with one’s own welfare or advantage in disregard of others.”  

Essentially, a person with a “selfish” personality is too preoccupied with their own best interests. Thus, they fail to take heed of other people’s feelings when they speak and act. Moreover, they may do things to benefit themselves to the detriment of other people.

There are nuances to this word, since selfish people don’t usually act the way they do because they are malicious. In other words, they don’t derive joy from other people’s suffering – they just don’t care about it one way or the other.

Therefore, let’s see this term in a few example sentences:

I would advise you not to have children, as you are too selfish to put their needs before your own.

Unfortunately, 32% of our country’s wealth is being hoarded by the most selfish and unfeeling 1% of the population.


“Thoughtless” is a good word for someone who doesn’t care about others’ feelings because it simply doesn’t occur to them to consider it.

Merriam-Webster defines a “thoughtless” person as “lacking concern for others.” Once again, a thoughtless person does not seek to do harm to others – they just never think about other people and don’t really care what’s happening to them.

Therefore, you can be “thoughtless” without being actively cruel or evil. This term simply means that you do not think about others as much as you should.

Consider the examples below:

I’m sorry I was too thoughtless to realize how my behavior would impact you.

A cricket bat is a very thoughtless gift for a ballerina.


“Inconsiderate” is another word for not caring about others. In fact, Merriam-Webster defines “inconsiderate” as “careless of the rights or feelings of others.” Thus, this term suits our topic perfectly!

The word “careless” implies, yet again, that an “inconsiderate” person does not set out to harm other people. However, they do not care or even bother to consider whether others will be hurt by their choices.  

Being “inconsiderate” can be just as bad as being actively malicious. After all, if you don’t consider other people’s rights and feelings before you act, you can end up doing terrible harm, even if that wasn’t your goal.

Have a look at the example sentences below:

That was very inconsiderate of you, and your mother is inconsolable.

You’ve always been inconsiderate, but things have gone too far this time.