13 Synonyms for “A Bunch of”

Are you looking for another way to say “a bunch of” in your writing?

Maybe you’re a little concerned that “a bunch of” isn’t the most professional phrase to include!

Don’t worry! That’s exactly what we’re here to help with.

This article will teach you what to say instead of “a bunch of.”

Other Ways to Say “A Bunch of”

  • Many
  • A group of
  • A cluster of
  • An array of
  • Quite a few of
  • A collection of
  • A bundle of
  • An amount of
  • A set of
  • A multitude of
  • Some
  • Several
  • A good number of


  • “A bunch of” is correct, but it’s often too informal to include it in an email.
  • Use “many” if you’re looking for a versatile, formal synonym to help you sound more professional.
  • “A group of” is a good alternative if you’d like to sound more informal in your writing.

So, read on to learn what to use instead of “a bunch of.” We’ve touched on the best formal and informal synonyms to give you more of an idea of what to expect.

You can also read the final section to learn whether “a bunch of” is correct. Then, you’ll know if it’s something you should include in your writing.

Many (Formal)

You can start by using “many.” After all, it shows you how to say “a bunch of” formally without overcomplicating anything.

It’s a simple yet effective alternative that goes a long way in your writing.

For instance, you can use it when talking to clients. It lets them know that there are “many” things to discuss or “many” other clients interested in your services.

Generally, it’s a good way to entice someone to do something. The more interest your company has from other sources, the more likely a client will be to jump on board.

Here’s a helpful email sample to show you more if you’re still confused:

Dear Mr. Murphy,

We have had many inquiries regarding this new service.

Therefore, we’ll need you to make a quick decision if you want to get ahead of the crowd.

Best wishes,
Suzanna Barkley

It’s also good to use this in academic writing. For the most part, it helps you to sound professional and direct. That’s what makes it so useful when impressing readers.

Also, this email sample will help you to understand it a bit better:

I have reviewed this many times. However, the result is always the same, and it’s worth continuing on this trajectory.

A Group of (Informal)

For something a bit more informal, use “a group of” as another way to say “a bunch of.”

It’s a good choice if you’re trying to convey a more conversational and friendly tone.

Most of the time, email recipients will be happy to read something like this. After all, it keeps things civil and casual between the two parties, which helps to build good relationships.

You can use it when talking to employees. It’ll show that you’re quite approachable and willing to talk to them like regular people.

Here’s a great email sample to show you more about it:

Dear Sandra,

A group of employees have already agreed to join up!

Are you interested in getting involved with this new initiative?

Dominic Rudders

Also, you can use it in an essay to help you spice things up. It’s a great way to convey a more friendly tone if you don’t want people to take your essay too seriously.

So, you should review this example to learn a bit more about it:

I discovered a group of differences between the two results. That’s why I had to continue looking into them.

Is It Correct to Say “A Bunch of”?

It is correct to say “a bunch of.” However, it is quite informal.

Therefore, you probably won’t find it very useful in a professional email. After all, it’s not the tone you want to use when you’re talking to someone and discussing a bunch of things.

Still, you can use it in a text message to a friend.

So, you might want to review this example to learn a bit more about it:

I have gone through a bunch of options. Although, I’m not sure if I’ve found one that’s going to work for the group.

To give you more of an idea of how to use the phrase, you can refer to these extensions:

  • A bunch of times
  • A bunch of things
  • A bunch of money
  • A bunch of stuff

As you can see, whatever noun follows the phrase should be in the plural form (unless it doesn’t have a plural form like “money”).

You should also bookmark this page before you leave. Then, you can remind yourself of the best synonyms to use when you’re trying to replace “a bunch of.”