13 Alternatives to Starting a Sentence With “And”

If you’re trying to figure out how to not start a sentence with “and” in your essay, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of synonyms for “and” that you can use to avoid the original word and keep your writing formal.

Alternatives to Starting a Sentence With “And”

  • Additionally
  • Plus
  • Moreover
  • Along with
  • As a consequence
  • Furthermore
  • Also
  • Together with
  • As well as
  • Along with
  • Consequently
  • Besides
  • In addition to


  • You can start a sentence with “and” correctly in some situations, but this preposition should be used cautiously.
  • Instead of starting a sentence with “and” in academic writing, you can say “additionally.”
  • In informal settings, you can use “plus” as an alternative.

Don’t go anywhere! We still need to talk about our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “and” in more detail.

After that, we’ll discuss whether it is ever correct to start a sentence with “and.”

Additionally (Formal)

If you’re wondering how to start a sentence without “and” in an essay, “additionally” is a great option.

Firstly, this word literally means “as an extra.” Therefore, like “and,” you can use it to add more information to a previous statement.

Secondly, “additionally” is a better option to use in academic writing, especially at the start of a sentence. This is because “and” can come across as clumsy when used too frequently.

Finally, let’s see a few examples making use of this phrase:

This study will be conducted on a sample of 300 men aged 20 to 25. Additionally, only one-third of the group will be made fully aware of the parameters of this experiment.

Additionally, voters have expressed that they are resigned to the most popular two parties but would not choose them if a third appeared.

Plus (Informal)

If you’re unsure what to start a sentence with instead of “and” in informal settings, “plus” is another word that means “with the addition of.”

Originally a mathematics term, “plus” can also be used to add more information to a previous statement.

This word certainly should not be used in academic or formal writing. However, it can be used in casual correspondence or even in professional emails to colleagues you are close with.

It is not a better phrase than “and,” but “plus” can be used to add some diversity to your texts. After all, the repetition of “and” can get tiresome!

Lastly, let’s see an email example making use of this term:

Hi Julie,

The minutes from the meeting are attached below. Plus, I added a few extra notes from my research on the client’s company.

Let me know if you need anything else.

All the best,

Can You Start a Sentence With “And” in an Essay?

You can indeed start a sentence with “and.” However, we would urge that you use some caution when doing so!

Technically, English writers and academics have started statements with “and” for over a thousand years. It is technically correct to do so.

However, even though it isn’t inherently bad to start a sentence with “and,” doing so too frequently can make your writing look clumsy and awkward.

After all, it wouldn’t be smart to start multiple sentences with “and” in succession. Moreover, there are many ways to avoid starting a sentence with “and,” and making use of different words will improve your writing greatly.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to employ some of the synonyms in our list to ensure your paper looks sophisticated.

If you’d like to keep our list of synonyms nearby for your next paper, go ahead and bookmark this page so you can return to it with ease!