12 Synonyms for “Building Confidence”

Are you looking for the best ways to talk about building confidence in people?

Perhaps you’re concerned that the phrase itself is generic or informal.

Luckily, it’s not your only option!

This article will teach you how to say “building confidence” to help you come up with some useful alternatives.

Other Ways to Say “Building Confidence”

  • Fostering self-assurance
  • Boosting belief
  • Cultivating self-esteem
  • Enhancing trust in oneself
  • Instilling self-reliance
  • Nurturing self-confidence
  • Developing self-worth
  • Strengthening self-respect
  • Encouraging empowerment
  • Bolstering assuredness
  • Growing efficacy
  • Promoting self-regard


  • “Building confidence” is already a great way to show that you want someone (or yourself) to improve their confidence.
  • Try “fostering self-assurance” as a formal synonym that works well in most business-related cases.
  • “Boosting belief” is an excellent alternative if you want something more informal and open-ended.

Keep reading to learn another word for “building confidence.” We’ve touched on the best two options from the list above to show you what you can include in your writing.

You may also review the final section to learn if it’s correct to write “building confidence.” Then, you’ll have a better understanding of whether it’s worth including it in your writing.

Fostering Self-Assurance (Formal)

Let’s start with “fostering self-assurance” as another way to say “building confidence.”

Generally, this one works best when writing professionally and sincerely.

For the most part, this is a great way to show someone can regain confidence if they put their mind to it.

So, you can use it when writing to employees about your company mantra or what you want to achieve.

If your company aims to build confidence at work, make that known! The more aware your employees are of that, the more confident they’ll start to become by default.

Check out this email sample to learn a bit more about it if you’re still unsure:

Dear Team,

We want you to know we pride ourselves on fostering self-assurance in the workplace.

Therefore, we’d like to host a meeting to discuss best practices to ensure this.

All the best,
Sam Johnson

You can also use it when writing a therapy target.

As a therapist, you can use something like this to encourage clients to focus on building self-confidence.

You may want to refer to this sample to learn more about how it works:

Fostering self-assurance is paramount. Therefore, I have set some goals I’d like you to try to achieve.

Boosting Belief (Informal)

Try writing “boosting belief” as a more positive word for “building confidence.”

Generally, if you boost confidence in others, it shows you’re confident in yourself.

Therefore, it’s worth using this to email employees. It’s a more friendly and open way to suggest that you’d like people to work on their confidence.

For the most part, this will go a long way in the workplace. It should encourage employees to put their best feet forward and prove to you that they’re worth more than they realize.

So, feel free to review this email sample to learn a bit more about how it can work:

Dear Team,

I want you to focus on boosting belief in yourself.

That’s why I’ve set these targets for you all to try to achieve by the end of the week.

Best wishes,
Samantha Renny

You can also use this phrase when writing a text to encourage friends. It’s a great option that shows someone you believe in them and want them to believe in themselves.

So, you can check out this message sample to learn a bit more:

You should be boosting belief in your abilities whenever you can! I believe in you way more than you realize.

Is It Correct to Say “Building Confidence”?

It is correct to say “building confidence.”

The phrase itself is simple enough to use. It suggests that you are doing what you can to boost the confidence in others or yourself.

For instance, you can refer to this email sample to learn more about it:

Dear Team,

We are going to do this exercise to help with building confidence.

It’s important for you all to see that you can work well as one unit.

Best wishes,
Joanna Redd

Also, it’s a good choice to include in a resume. After all, you can use it to talk about specific events or experiences that helped you to build confidence.

For example:

I’m good at building confidence in myself upon gaining new experience. That’s why I know this role will work well for me.

Also, you should bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best synonyms for “building confidence.” Then, you’ll always be able to return if you need a brain wave!