15 Synonyms for “Created” on Your Resume

You should be proud of your creations. If you created something in the workplace, brag about it on your resume!

But if you think “created” in itself is a bit of a bland word, you’re in the right place.

This article will explore some alternatives to show you how to say you created something on a resume.

Other Ways to Say “Created”

  • Developed
  • Established
  • Designed
  • Produced
  • Generated
  • Built
  • Formulated
  • Constructed
  • Manufactured
  • Implemented
  • Engineered
  • Invented
  • Orchestrated
  • Founded
  • Set up


  • “Created” works well in a resume, but it’s a bit overused and generic.
  • “Developed” will help you to spice things up, as it’s a very interesting synonym to include in a CV.
  • Try “established” for a unique alternative that’s bound to engage the reader.

Read on to find out what to use instead of “created” on your resume. We’ve covered the best options, showing you how to make your cover letters more interesting.

Alternatively, you can skip to the final section. We’ve explained whether it’s appropriate to include “created” in your resume before filling in your job application.


“Developed” is another way to say “created” on your resume. You can use it when you’ve started working on something and built it from scratch.

For instance, you can say you created a business if you “developed” it. It will help recruiters see that you’re capable of a lot more than most candidates.

After all, not every applicant will have created something themselves. Most of the time, applicants are employees who follow orders and don’t come up with ideas.

So, you can demonstrate your creativity by using a word like “developed.”

It’s bound to make you more desirable, which should help you land the jobs you’re looking for. Feel free to try it in your next job application if you don’t believe us!

These CV samples should also help you with it:

I developed my own system with the help of a few of my peers. It helped to improve the general efficiency of my former company.

I developed my company from scratch. I’m so proud of the work I put into getting it where it is today.


It’s also good to use “established” as a more formal alternative. It’s another word for “created” on your resume that shows you led to the creation of something.

For example, you can “establish” new projects for your coworkers to work on.

Alternatively, you can “establish” a company based on an idea you had.

Whatever the case, it’s great to use a word like this on your resume. It’ll show employers that you know how to build something and know what resources you might need.

The more resourceful you appear, the more hireable you become. Employers will certainly be more interested in you if you can prove what you’re capable of as early as possible.

If you’re still stuck, refer to these resume examples:

I have established many projects that have helped my clients to maximize their profits in the workplace.

I established the schedule for my former employers. They became very dependent on it, and I’m proud of what I achieved.

Can You Say “Created” on a Resume?

You can say “created” on a resume. It’s a good resume word that shows you have taken the time to create something important.

Generally, if you’re proud of your creations, you should talk about them. There’s no better what to let a new employer know what you’re capable of unless you talk about what you’ve done in the past.

There are also plenty of things you can “create.” For example:

  • Training materials
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Schedule
  • Documentation
  • Businesses

As long as you build something from nothing, you “create” it. If you think it’s relevant to include those creations in a resume, then we highly recommend using a term like this.

Before we go, we think it’s worth you reviewing this example to see how it could work:

I created the training materials for this system. I’m very pleased with the work I put into it.

I created all the end-of-quarter reports to help my company. My former employer was so pleased with my work.