12 Other Ways to Say “Excited to See You”

It’s good to show that you are excited to see someone, but is the phrase “excited to see you” the best way to go about this?

We’re here to answer that question while providing some useful alternative phrases so you’re never left speechless!

Other Ways to Say “Excited to See You”

  • Fondly anticipating our meeting
  • Can’t wait to see you
  • Looking forward to seeing you
  • Eagerly await our meeting
  • Look forward to our meeting
  • Counting down the days until
  • Waiting impatiently for
  • Longing to see you
  • Would love to see you
  • Awaiting the opportunity to see you
  • Hoping to see you
  • Dying to see you


  • The phrase “excited to see you” is grammatically correct and best suited for informal settings.
  • If you’d like to change up your phrasing, you can say “can’t wait to see you” as an informal alternative.
  • In formal circumstances, you can say “fondly anticipating our meeting” instead.

Before you go! We still need to discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “excited to see you” in more detail. Moreover, we’ll show you some helpful examples using each.

Afterward, we’ll discuss the correctness of the phrase “excited to see you.” Should it be avoided in formal settings?

Fondly Anticipating Our Meeting (Formal)

If you’re wondering how to say “excited to see you” professionally, try the friendly and polite phrase, “fondly anticipating our meeting.”

This phrase is suitably formal to use in email exchanges with a potential employer, your current boss, a client, or a coworker. It can also be used in a message to a university supervisor or some other superior.

This phrase is a great way to show that you are enthusiastic to meet and that you are capable of multisyllabic words. These are all good things in the realm of business!

Additionally, this alternative is probably a better option to use than “excited to see you.” After all, the original phrase may come across as informal or overly familiar in a professional context.

Finally, let’s see how we might use this phrase in an email example:

Dear Mr. Deft,

Thank you very much for lending your expertise to our research.

I believe I can speak for all my colleagues when I say that I am fondly anticipating our meeting next week.

Warm regards,
Bernard Finch

Can’t Wait to See You (Informal)

Another way of saying “excited to see you” in an informal context is “can’t wait to see you.”

This synonym is very emotive and familiar, making it unsuitable to use in the workplace when speaking to colleagues or clients.

However, you may find yourself using this phrase in a text to a friend, family member, or romantic partner.

It’s not a better phrase than “excited to see you,” but you can use this phrase to change up your phrasing from time to time.

This alternative is also a tad exaggerative, as you probably can wait to see whomever it is. Nonetheless, this phrase indicates that the receiver means a lot to you and that you are very eager to see them indeed.

Consider the following examples to see this phrase in action:

I’ll be at the train station by 9. Can’t wait to see you!

I can’t wait to see you, my love, it feels like it’s been a lifetime!

Is It Correct to Say “Excited to See You”?

It is completely grammatically correct to say “excited to see you.” This phrase is friendly and familiar, making it suitable to use in informal circumstances.

It is used most frequently when speaking to friends, family, and romantic partners. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend sending such a phrase to your boss!

Nonetheless, here are a few variations of the phrase that you can use:

  • I’m excited to see you
  • We are excited to see you
  • Excited to see you soon
  • Excited to see you tomorrow
  • Excited to see you again
  • Excited to see you all

In short, you can use our list of synonyms if you need a more formal alternative. Additionally, you can change up your wording with some of our informal synonyms as you see fit.

We hope you’ve found this article helpful. If you think you might make use of our list of synonyms, why not bookmark this page to keep them on hand?