12 Synonyms for “Ensure” on Your Resume

Have you been in charge of ensuring things go to plan before? That’s good!

You need to highlight things like that on a resume. But you should know better ways to say “ensure” to help you stand out.

Luckily, you have options!

This article will provide you with the best alternatives to “ensure” to help spice things up.

Other Ways to Say “Ensure”

  • Guarantee
  • Uphold
  • Maintain
  • Assure
  • Secure
  • Confirm
  • Validate
  • Establish
  • Protect
  • Verify
  • Authenticate
  • Support


  • “Ensure” is a confident word that shows you’re in charge of making sure things work well.
  • Try “guarantee” as a synonym that implies you’re in charge of setting assurances for a company.
  • “Uphold” is a great alternative that many overlook, so it’ll help your resume to stand out.

Keep reading to see what to use instead of “ensure” on your resume. We’ve covered the best two options from the list above to teach you more about how they work.

Also, you can skip to the final section to learn whether “ensure” is a good word to include on your resume. We recommend reading ahead if you’d like to use it yourself.


We recommend using “guarantee” as another word for “ensure” on your resume. It’s a great one to include in your job application that shows you make sure something happens.

Generally, this is a good formal option. It will help you to sell yourself and let an employer know you’re able to ensure things go a certain way.

Resume words for ensuring can come in many forms. But none seem to be quite as impactful as “guarantee.”

Try using it when discussing projects you’ve worked on. Generally, if you “guarantee” quality or excellence, you can let an employer know what you can do.

Also, it makes you appear much more hireable. Naturally, this is a good way to let them know you’re ready to take on any challenge the job might have to offer.

Here are some application samples to show you how it works:

I always guarantee perfection with my projects. That’s why my employers always rely on me to provide the best results.

I personally guarantee excellence from my staff. I’m a very good leader, and people listen to me when I need them to.


Another way to say “ensure” on your resume is “uphold.”

It might not be as common, but it’s a great choice that’ll help you spice up your writing.

We recommend using it as a formal and unique alternative. It’s great to use because it shows you’re happy to ensure things go according to plan.

Generally, “uphold” is a good way to show you hold yourself to a standard.

Employers will look at this word choice and see that you’re capable of putting the effort in and getting the best results in your work.

Try using it when talking about your standards or projects. It’ll show recruiters that you’re willing to do what you can when tasked with important things.

Check out these resume examples if you’re still unsure:

I uphold strong, positive standards wherever possible. I’ll only hand in work when I’m certain I’m proud of it.

I tend to uphold the team projects go well. My team always trusts me to get them in line when they need an extra push.

Is “Ensure” a Good Word for a Resume?

“Ensure” is a good resume word. It works really well when filling out a resume because it shows you go above and beyond to make sure something happens.

Generally, you can ensure things such as:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • High-quality work

We recommend reviewing the following examples to show you how “ensure” works in a sentence:

I try to ensure the highest quality of work in the office. I’m very proud of what I have achieved

I ensure customer satisfaction when necessary. People come to me when they need help with queries.

You may also come across “assure.” It’s a direct synonym for “ensure,” so both of the following sentences are correct:

  • I ensure compliance.
  • I assure compliance.

However, you cannot use “ensure” and “insure” in the same way. While they sound similar, they do not mean the same thing.

  • Correct: I ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Incorrect: I insure customer satisfaction.