12 Synonyms for “Fair Share”

Do you want to talk about giving someone their “fair share” in professional contexts?

However, you’re a bit worried the phrase sounds too friendly or informal, aren’t you?

That’s okay! You’ve come to the right place for more information.

This article will teach you how to say “fair share” professionally or politely, depending on the required tone.

Other Ways to Say “Fair Share”

  • Equal distribution
  • Even split
  • Just allotment
  • Proportional share
  • Adequate division
  • Fair quota
  • Equitable portion
  • Just share
  • Proper allotment
  • Balanced cut
  • Adequate portion
  • Rightful allocation


  • “Fair share” is correct and works well when you’re trying to split something evenly between multiple people.
  • “Equal distribution” is great to use as a formal synonym if you’re trying to keep things interesting.
  • “Even split” is useful if you want a more informal alternative to help you mix things up.

So, read on to learn another word for “fair share.” We’ve touched on the best phrases that work both formally and informally to give you more insight.

Also, you can read the final section to find out whether the phrase is correct before using it. Then, you’ll know if it’s something you can include in your writing.

Equal Distribution (Formal)

For a different way to say “fair share,” you can use “equal distribution.”

This is great to use as a formal phrase, so it works quite well in most business settings.

Try using it professionally to split the difference in a monetary value. It shows that you’ve considered the best course of action and decided it would be beneficial to split things evenly.

For instance, you can use it when contacting employees. It shows that you’ve thought of the best way to split their bonuses for the year.

Here’s a helpful email sample to show you more about how to use it:

Dear Team,

I have come up with a system that will ensure equal distribution for all bonuses.

I hope you’ll be happy with the outcome of this.

Michael Foster

Alternatively, you can use it in academic writing. It’s a good option to talk about fair splits and distributions when you’ve divided something equally and want to get the best results.

So, feel free to review this essay sample to learn more:

I have done all I can to ensure equal distribution of these results. Otherwise, they would be much more skewed.

Even Split (Informal)

You can use “even split” as another way to say “fair share.” This time, it’s a bit more informal, so you need to pay attention to that!

Don’t get us wrong; the synonym still works well!

However, it’s best to use this when writing to coworkers. It shows that you have a more friendly relationship with the recipient.

So, you might want to review this example to learn more about it:

Hi Jacob,

I’ve noticed that there’s an even split on the workload for this project.

I was just writing to let you know I appreciate that, as it allows us all to put our ideas forward!

All the best,
Joel Swanson

Also, it’s worth using this when texting friends.

For instance, you can use it when you’d like to meet with them but have to pay for something. “Even split” will guarantee that everyone pays the same amount to make it fair.

Here’s a helpful text message example to show you more about it if you’re still stuck:

I want to ensure an even split with all of this. Therefore, I’ve done all the calculations myself.

Is It Correct to Say “Fair Share”?

It is correct to say “fair share.” It’s a good opportunity for you to discuss evenly splitting something to ensure everyone gets what they deserve.

Generally, you can use it formally. After all, it’s a simple phrase that shows you’re happy to split something down the middle.

Here’s a helpful email sample to show you more about how to use it:

Dear Bryce,

I’m going to ensure everyone gets their fair share.

However, that will mean that it will take a little longer before you get your bonus.

Best wishes,
Sam Conch

There is one mistake you need to pay attention to before writing the phrase, though! It comes down to spelling.

A simple spelling mistake can change your phrase completely. It’ll be incorrect, so it’s best to avoid making it.

For example:

  • Correct: We would like our fair share.
  • Incorrect: They want their fare share.

“Fare” is not the right spelling of “fair” in this context. So, you should avoid it!

Now, bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best synonyms for “fair share.” You never know when you might need them again to help you spice up your writing.