19 Female Synonyms for “Buddy”

Having good friends is one of life’s great joys, and there are all kinds of nicknames out there that we give to the friends we love. But is “buddy” an appropriate term to use for a friend who’s a girl?

In this article, we’ll answer that question while also providing a list of useful synonyms for “buddy” that you can use with your ladybuds!

Buddy Synonyms

  • Peer
  • Sis
  • Girlfriend
  • Bestie
  • Gal-pal
  • Bud
  • Girl-bud
  • Mi amiga
  • Sister
  • Best friend
  • Ladyfriend
  • Chica
  • Babes
  • Ladybuds
  • Pal
  • Mate
  • Dude
  • Chum
  • Companion


  • “Buddy” is a gender-neutral term that you can use to refer to a friend, whatever their gender.
  • In formal circumstances, you can call a friend your “peer.”
  • In informal settings, “sis” is a popular name used between close girl friends.

Stick around! In the next section, we’ll discuss our choice of formal and informal alternatives to “buddy” in more detail.

After that, we’ll discuss whether it’s appropriate to call a girl friend “buddy.” Is this term gender specific?

Peer (Formal)

If you’re wondering how to say “buddy” professionally, then we recommend the word “peer.”

This term is gender neutral, so you can use it to refer to male, female, or other colleagues equally. Moreover, it is a good formal way to refer to someone with whom you have a friendly relationship in the office.

In a work setting, “peer” is probably a better phrase to use than the more informal “buddy.” After all, the latter may sound overly familiar in a work context.

Let’s look at an email example to see this term in action:

Dear Rachel,

I would like you to attend the 5th Floor catch-up this afternoon.

A peer of mine from the Massachusetts office will be visiting today and I would like for the two of you to collaborate on the Finn account.

See you then.


Sis (Informal)

If you’re looking for a female version of “buddy” to use in informal circumstances, a gendered word for a lady friend is “sis.”

This phrase is often used by close female friends. It implies that their friendship is so strong, they feel almost like siblings. It can also be used by men who have a brother-sister-like relationship with a female friend.

“Sis” isn’t a better term than “buddy” for a female friend. It’s just more specifically targeted toward women. Some people may prefer “buddy” as a more gender-neutral term. Essentially, it’s a matter of preference!

To see this term in action, let’s look at a few examples:

Happy birthday, sis! Can’t wait to see you later.

Sis, if you don’t help me beat this boss in Skyrim, we’re going to be sitting here all day.

Can I Say “Buddy” to a Girl?

“Buddy” is a gender-neutral term used to describe a close friend. That means you can use it when referring to guys, gals, non-binary pals, and everyone in between!

Therefore, you can use our list of synonyms to change up your wording from time to time, particularly in professional contexts! However, the original phrase is suitable to use when referring to girl friends as well!

In conclusion, it’s perfectly fine to call a girl “buddy.” In fact, some people may prefer this more gender-neutral term of endearment to one of the more specifically gendered ones.

Whether you use “buddy,” “sis,” or anything else is a matter of preference. If you’re unsure which to go with, ask your friend which one they’d prefer!

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