10 Synonyms for “I Am Flexible With Time”

Are you looking for the best way to tell someone you’re flexible with time? Maybe they’re trying to set up a meeting or interview, and you want to be as flexible as possible to accommodate them!

Luckily, this article has all the synonyms you could need! We’ve gathered the best options to show someone you can work your schedule around them.

“I Am Flexible With Time” Synonyms

  • I have a lot of availability
  • I can work around you
  • Let me know what time works for you
  • I’m happy to work my time around you
  • My schedule is open
  • I am open to any time
  • Any time works for me
  • My schedule is very flexible
  • I have plenty of flexibility
  • You can tell me when works best


  • “I am flexible with time” is a decent formal choice, but there are more useful alternatives.
  • “I have a lot of availability” is a great formal synonym in many contexts.
  • You could say “I can work around you” if you need a more conversational alternative.

Keep reading to learn how to say “I am flexible with time” professionally and politely. We’ve explained more about the best options in formal and informal settings that work for different situations.

Or perhaps the final section is more of your style. In it, we’ve explained whether it’s correct to say “I am flexible with time.” So, skip ahead if that’s what you’re interested in learning.

I Have a Lot of Availability (Formal)

“I have a lot of availability” is a great formal alternative. It shows you are free to offer your services whenever necessary because your schedule is flexible.

For example, you might include “I have a lot of availability” in an email to your boss. If there’s a large project coming up, you might need to put in lots of hours to help complete it. So, including your flexible availability will put you in your boss’s good books.

Alternatively, you might want to include the phrase in a cover letter. That way, you can let potential employers know you’re available whenever they need you.

We certainly recommend using “I have a lot of availability” over “I am flexible with time” in professional situations. It’s much less jarring, making it more suitable in business emails.

Why not refer to the following examples to show you how it works:

Dear Mrs. Jones,

I have a lot of availability over the next few weeks. Please indicate which day you would like to do this.

Darryl Walters

I have a lot of availability with my schedule. So, I can work any number of hours that you require of me.

I Can Work Around You (Informal)

“I can work around you” is a great conversational alternative to use. It shows you have loads of free time, so you are happy to work around someone else’s schedule.

It’s a great way to inform your friends that you are happy for them to make final decisions. If they want to meet you for lunch, you can say “I can work around you” to let them know they should decide what time works best.

We recommend using “I can work around you” in informal situations only. It is not very professional, meaning that it isn’t as acceptable as “I am flexible with time” in formal contexts.

Perhaps the following examples will help you with it:

Hey Michelle,

I can work around you, so don’t worry too much about making this work for both of us.

Let me know what time suits you.

All the best,

Don’t worry; I can work around you! After all, I don’t have a lot going on that takes up my time.

Is It Correct to Say “I Am Flexible With Time”?

“I am flexible with time” is correct and acceptable in formal contexts. However, it is not the most effective phrase.

Most native speakers wouldn’t say “I am flexible with time” because it sounds robotic.

Instead, they might say:

  • I am flexible.
  • I have time.

You generally do not need to specify that you are “flexible with time.” Saying you are flexible is enough to let someone know you have time to arrange a meeting or plan with them.

We recommend sticking to an alternative to ensure you sound positive when arranging something with a friend or coworker.

With that said, “I am flexible with time” is still correct and formal. Using it in most written and spoken situations doesn’t make sense.

You might also use the following variations:

  • I am quite flexible with time
  • I am pretty flexible with time
  • Am flexible with dates and time

However, each one is still a little redundant since you don’t need to say “flexible with time.”

Feel free to bookmark this page for later use. Then, you’ll always have a few alternatives to refer to when you want to replace “I am flexible with time.”