16 Synonyms for “In an Effort to”

Are you trying to figure out how to show that you made an effort to do something?

If you’re worried that “in an effort to” sounds a bit wordy or forced, you’ve come to the right place.

This article will teach you different ways to say “in an effort to” to help your writing remain engaging and unique.

Other Ways to Say “In an Effort to”

  • With the intention of
  • Hoping to
  • In an attempt to
  • Striving to
  • Seeking to
  • In order to
  • With the aim of
  • With the goal of
  • To
  • With the purpose of
  • In pursuit of
  • In a bid to
  • With the objective of
  • In order that
  • With the intent to
  • For the sake of


  • “In an effort to” is correct but is a little bit wordy for most contexts, so you shouldn’t always use it.
  • Use “with the intention of” to explain your intentions and efforts in more formal settings.
  • “Hoping to” is a great informal synonym that allows you to explore your reasonings in messages and emails.

So, keep reading to find out what to say instead of “in an effort to.” We’ll help you out by providing an explanation for the best two alternatives we’ve listed above.

Or you can read the final section to learn whether it’s correct to say “in an effort to.” We recommend reading that if you’re interested in knowing whether you can use it.

With the Intention Of (Formal)

You can use “with the intention of” as another way to say “in an effort to.”

This is a great way to keep things more professional when explaining why you’ve intended to do something in a certain way.

It’s a great phrase that shows how you plan for something to happen.

Generally, it’s clear and direct. It lets the recipient of an email or the reader know what your plan is and how you intend on getting a positive result.

Try using it when emailing a client. It shows them that you have a solid plan in place and would like to hear their verdict.

Here’s a great email example to help you understand when it might work:

Dear Mr. Bridges,

We are working on this project with the intention of furthering our working relationship. We hope you can get on board with this.

All the best,
Joseph Swan

You may also review this example to learn how to use “with the intention of” in a sentence:

We are doing this with the intention of seeing what options we have. Then, we’ll know whether it’s a worthwhile venture.

Hoping To (Informal)

Another great alternative is “hoping to.” We recommend using this instead of “in an effort to” when you want to sound a bit more conversational.

It’s a great alternative that shows someone what you want to achieve.

Generally, “hoping to” is more friendly and light-hearted. It allows you to demonstrate what your actions are for and why you are doing the things you want to do.

Here’s a great sample email to help you understand more about how it works:

Hi Chrissy,

I think we’re going to do this together. We can do it, hoping to find a solution that might take the heat off of us!

Jon Clark

You should also review this sentence sample to learn more about how to use it:

I’m doing most of this on my own, hoping to find a reason why it’s happening. I’m not sure what I’ll learn yet.

Is It Correct to Say “In an Effort to”?

It is correct to say “in an effort to.” The phrase is quite formal, and it’s a great way to explain your efforts to curious readers.

However, it’s a bit wordy. You don’t have to use “in an effort to” in your writing all that often. Using it once is sufficient.

Here are some great examples showing you how to use “in an effort to” in a sentence:

We are doing this in an effort to find the culprit. So far, it seems to be quite effective.

This is all in an effort to hire a new applicant. We think we’re finally on to someone special.

Generally, you will find that “to” is just as effective as “in an effort to.” For instance:

  • I am doing this in an effort to find out what works.
  • I am doing this to find out what works.

As you can see, the phrase can be a little too wordy for some writers.

Also, make sure you use the correct variation in your writing:

  • Correct: In an effort to
  • Incorrect: In effort to
  • Incorrect: In efforts to

Only “an effort” is appropriate when using this phrase. The plural form and using “effort” on its own are incorrect.

Before you go, don’t forget to bookmark this page! Then, you can always come back here to remember the best synonyms for “in an effort to” when you need them.