16 Synonyms for “In This Essay I Will”

If you’re unsure how to introduce what you will be talking about in an essay, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s okay to use the phrase “in this essay I will” as an introduction. Moreover, we’ve provided a list of alternative phrases you can use instead!

“In This Essay I Will” Synonyms

  • The following essay will
  • The purpose of this paper is
  • In the following essay, I will
  • This essay will
  • This paper will
  • The following paper will
  • The aim of this paper is
  • The aim of this essay is
  • The purpose of this essay is
  • This paper aims
  • In this paper, I intend to
  • The following paper shall
  • In this paper, I will
  • This study will
  • The following dissertation will
  • This thesis will


  • It is not bad to introduce a paper with “in this essay I will,” but you should ask your teacher whether they prefer a paper without personal pronouns in it.
  • “The following essay” is a great alternative that uses similar words while removing the personal pronoun “I.”
  • You can use “the purpose of this paper is” if you want to completely change your phrasing from the original.

Keep reading to see how we use our choice of alternatives for “in this essay I will” in a couple of helpful examples.

After that, we’ll talk about whether it’s a bad idea to use the phrase “in this essay I will” in an academic paper.

The Following Essay Will

Another way to say “in this essay I will” is to say “the following essay will.” This alternative is great for when you’re writing a particularly formal essay.

After all, many academics urge against the use of personal pronouns like “I” in some academic essays. This synonym uses similar words to the original but removes the controversial “I”!

“The following essay will” isn’t an inherently better phrase than “In this essay I will.” However, it is a fact that most markers warn against the use of personal pronouns. Therefore, it’s a safer option if you’re unsure!

Let’s see a couple of examples making use of this alternative:

The following essay will discuss the sociological impacts of neocolonialism in former British colonies.

While both Clapton and Hendrix were self-taught, the following essay will illustrate that both possessed skills that were equal to, if not surpassing, their classically trained counterparts.

The Purpose of This Paper Is

If you’re wondering what to say instead of “in this essay I will,” we’d go with the phrase “the purpose of this paper is.”

This alternative is great if you want to completely alter your choice of words in your introduction. It replaces “essay” with “paper” and removes the personal pronoun “I” to boot!

This makes this synonym a better option than “in this essay I will” if you are unsure whether the marker will penalize you for using personal pronouns.

Finally, consider the following examples to see this phrase in action:

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the link between patriarchy and capitalism.

With the following questions in mind, the purpose of this paper is to theoretically unpack Kant’s notion of a “universal and objective law” in light of globalization and arguments for moral relativism.  

Is It Bad to Say “In This Essay I Will”?

The phrase “in this essay I will” is not inherently bad. For example, this may be a perfectly acceptable way to start an essay at a high school level.

There are even some higher academic papers that start this way. In general, how one goes about introducing their topic is a matter of preference.

That being said, it’s always a good idea to talk to the person who will be grading your paper before you start. Ask them if it’s okay to use personal pronouns. In recent times, some professors prefer papers written in an accessible way that’s easy for everyone to understand!

Likewise, some teachers would prefer a more formal tone, so using personal pronouns like “I” should be avoided. That’s why we recommend that you always ask before you start!

So, if you’ve found out that “in this essay I will” is acceptable according to your teacher, here are a few variations of this phrase you might try:

  • In this essay I will discuss
  • in this essay I will be discussing
  • in this essay I will argue

It would also be correct to add a comma after “in this essay.” Whether or not you add a comma is a stylistic choice, and some people choose not to for a smoother read. Nonetheless, the following variations would also be correct:

  • In this essay, I will show
  • In this essay, I will demonstrate

In conclusion, it isn’t necessarily bad to say “in this essay I will” to introduce your paper. However, it’s always good to check with your teacher or professor and find out how formal they want your paper to sound.

If you found our list of synonyms helpful, feel free to bookmark this page!