16 Synonyms for “Lead” on Your Resume

So, you want to show that you’ve taken on a lead role on your resume.

Employers will like to see that, but you might not want to use “lead” every time. After all, it can feel a bit samey and repetitive, right?

Luckily, you have options!

This article will explore how to say “lead” on your resume. There are some great options around to keep things interesting.

Other Ways to Say “Lead”

  • Manage
  • Direct
  • Supervise
  • Oversee
  • Head
  • Coordinate
  • Organize
  • Administer
  • Control
  • Drive
  • Influence
  • Pilot
  • Spearhead
  • Mentor
  • Run
  • Conduct


  • “Lead” is a great way to show that you’ve taken charge of a team or project on your resume.
  • “Manage” is a powerful and professional term that shows you’re happy working as a manager or boss.
  • “Direct” works really well to show that you’re a good team player and willing to take control.

You should read on to learn what to use instead of “lead” on your resume. We recommend exploring some options to keep your writing fresh and interesting for any recruiters.

Also, you can skip to the final section to learn if you can say “lead” on a resume. It’s good to know this before including it to ensure that you’re writing in an appropriate tone.


If you want to know how to say you lead a project on your resume, stick with “manage.” It doesn’t get much better than that!

It’s a great formal synonym that keeps things engaging for the reader.

Also, since “manage” relates to business terms like “management” and “manager,” it’s a great way to demonstrate keen leadership skills.

We highly recommend it if you believe in yourself. If you know you’re good at managing and leading projects, then this is a great word to include.

It’s bound to catch the reader’s attention. And any employer who’s looking for a team leader will know they can rely on you to fill that role for them.

These resume samples should also help you:

I manage the projects at my current firm. My employer trusts me with this, as I’m the most reliable employee.

I like to manage teams and projects when given the chance. It helps me to demonstrate my keen leadership abilities.


You can use “direct” as another word for “lead” on your resume. It’s an excellent professional synonym that allows you to express what you’ve been in charge of before.

We recommend using it because it shows you’ve taken the lead role in a project. It’s also a good way to show you directed a team of coworkers who might have needed a leader.

Similar to “manage,” “direct” relates to business terms like “director” and “directive.” Therefore, it’s a great buzzword to encourage an employer to hire you.

We recommend using it if you’re keen on a job. It shows you’ve done your research and know they’re looking for someone to fill in a leadership role.

If you’re still unsure, check out the following examples:

I tend to direct more projects than I take part in. Due to this, I have developed impressive leadership skills.

I’m a team player, and I direct a lot of teams. This has helped me gain the experience that I have with me today.

Can You Say “Lead” on a Resume?

You can say “lead” on a resume. It’s a good resume word that works well when you’ve taken charge of something.

There are plenty of things you can “lead” in the workplace. The more you have led, the more likely an employer will be to consider you.

After all, good leadership skills are hard to come by. So, including leadership words like “lead” or “direct” will put you above most other candidates.

You can also say you “lead” any of the following in the workplace:

  • Projects
  • Team
  • Meetings
  • Shift

As long as you’ve been trusted to oversee something, you “lead” it.

It’s a professional term, and it shows you’re more than happy to take on a more active role in the workplace.