14 Synonyms for “Led By”

Are you looking for a good way to say “led by” in a professional context?

Perhaps you’re trying to use something else because you want to mix things up or sound more original.

Whatever the case, this article has your back.

We’ll teach you another way to say “led by” to help you explore alternative options.

Other Ways to Say “Led By”

  • Directed by
  • Headed by
  • Supervised by
  • Guided by
  • Helmed by
  • Controlled by
  • Managed by
  • Conducted by
  • Governed by
  • Overseen by
  • Orchestrated by
  • Influenced by
  • Organized by
  • Instructed by


  • “Led by” is correct and shows that someone is leading a group or event.
  • “Directed by” is excellent to use as a formal synonym if you’re trying to mix things up.
  • Try “headed by” for something a bit more informal if that’ll be more suitable in your writing.

Keep reading to learn how to say “led by” in other words. We’ve explained more about the best two synonyms to give you a better idea of how they work in different written contexts.

You should also review the final heading to find out whether the phrase is correct. Then, you’ll know whether you should include it in your writing before you need an alternative.

Directed By (Formal)

You can keep your writing more formal by using “directed by.”

Using “directed” instead of “led” is a great way to show that someone is an important figure in the workplace.

After all, “directed” shares a root word with “director,” which is one of the most important jobs for any company.

For the most part, this phrase is direct and professional. Therefore, it’s good to include when emailing your employees about who they should expect to lead a project.

You can also check out this example to learn a bit more:

Dear Team,

The project will be directed by Sam.

I would like you all to answer to him whenever he needs you.

Kind regards,
Janet Blake

Also, you can use it in a resume. It might allow you the opportunity to discuss what you have directed in the past, especially if you think it will help your employment chances.

This resume sample should clear some things up for you:

The event, directed by myself, went incredibly well. I was very proud of the work I put into achieving what I did.

Headed By (Informal)

It’s also worth exploring a more informal alternative to help you with your writing. That’s where “headed by” comes in.

Generally, this phrase works better to sound friendly and less bossy.

Most people will prefer reading this when you treat them as equals. So, it could be a good choice when writing to colleagues about who will be taking charge of a project.

You can also review this example to learn a bit more:

Hey Martha,

I heard it will be headed by Ms. Wash.

However, I’m not sure if that’s true yet, but I doubt they’ll pick anyone else.

All the best,
Sarah Marge

It’s also good to use something like this in a business plan. Of course, it’s going to be better suited to more casual business settings, so ensure you’ve got the correct tone!

Here’s a helpful example to show you how it works:

I expect the event to be headed by Donavan. After all, he’s got the most experience with getting these things right.

Is It Correct to Say “Led By”?

It is correct to say “led by.”

Generally, it’s a great phrase to use in a business setting. After all, it shows someone has led multiple things before (whether that’s work projects, business events, or teams).

You can also review these samples to learn how to use “led by” in a sentence:

The event was led by the CEO. Therefore, it was important for us to attend to learn everything we could about it.

The team, led by myself, was the most effective at the job. That’s why I’m proud of the work I’ve achieved.

However, if you’re going to use the phrase, you need to use the correct tense.

For instance, it’s common to get “led by” confused with “lead by” (which is the present tense).

Here’s an example to help you:

  • Past tense: This was led by him.
  • Present tense: I lead by example.

Also, it’s worth exploring these extensions to see what else you can include in your writing:

  • It will be led by
  • It is being led by
  • It was led by

As you can see, each extension slightly changes the tense of the phrase. So, you have multiple correct options when including it in your writing.

Also, make sure you bookmark this page before you leave! Then, you can remind yourself of the best phrases to use instead of “led by” when you want to mix things up.