11 Other Ways to Ask “When Is a Good Time?”

Are you trying to find out what time works best for someone to talk? After all, that’s going to help you set up a meeting with them!

Well, this article will explore how to ask if it is a good time to talk. “When is a good time?” is great, but there are some excellent alternatives.

Other Ways to Ask “When Is a Good Time?”

  • What time are you available to do this?
  • What time works for you?
  • When are you free?
  • Can you do this at
  • Is this a good time?
  • Is that a good time?
  • Do you know what time works best?
  • When can you do this?
  • Do any of these times suit you?
  • Which time is going to work here?
  • I would like to know what times you can do


  • “When is a good time?” is a great question in formal contexts when you want to talk to someone.
  • Try using “what time are you available to do this?” when you want to sound more professional.
  • “What time works for you?” is a great synonym in informal situations.

You’ll have a lot of luck with all of these synonyms. However, we’ll cover the most effective ones in the following sections to help you figure out the best ways to use them.

Feel free to skip to the last section to learn more about “when is a good time?” From there, you can learn whether it’s correct and how well it works.

What Times Are You Available to Do This? (Formal)

“What times are you available to do this?” is a great formal alternative. It’s very professional, allowing you to use it in business emails when you want to figure out when to meet with someone.

Most of the time, you’ll use this question when emailing clients. It shows you are keen to learn their schedule and when you can meet to discuss new business matters.

You should use “what times are you available to do this?” over “when is a good time?” in most formal situations. It is superior, allowing you to sound respectful and confident when asking for a time.

Here are a few examples that might clear things up:

Dear Richard,

What times are you available to do this? I need to confirm a few things before continuing.

All the best,

What times are you available to do this? The meeting is very important, so you need to attend.

What Time Works for You? (Informal)

“What time works for you?” is a great informal option. It shows you want to learn someone’s schedule before committing to any specific time.

This phrase generally works best when messaging colleagues before meeting with them. If you want to discuss new plans or projects together, you could start with a question like “what time works for you?”

“What time works for you?” is also suitable in formal situations, though it might not always be the most professional option. Still, you can use it instead of “when is a good time?” if you want to mix things up in some formal written contexts.

These examples will help you understand more about it:

So, what time works for you, David? I’m trying to determine when we can get something ready.

What time works for you, though? I’m not sure if we’re on the same page right now.

Is It Correct to Say “When Is a Good Time?”

“When is a good time?” is correct. It’s a great question to ask in formal situations because it suggests that you care about the other party’s schedule before booking anything with them.

It’s a great tool for booking meetings with people who tend to be busy. That way, you can ensure you both agree with the suggested time before finalizing any plans.

You can use these variations in situations when you want to be more specific:

  • When is a good time to talk
  • When is a good time to meet
  • When is a good time to come by
  • When is a good time for you
  • So, when is a good time to call you

There is one other way you might see the question used as well:

  • When is it a good time?

The only change here is that we’ve included “it” in the question. However, the change is much more drastic than that.

“When is it a good time?” suggests that you’re desperate to get someone’s attention. It usually works when you’ve had a falling out with someone and need to contact them when it suits them.

You should try to avoid using “when is it a good time?” in formal situations. It’s not very professional because it’s too desperate and panicky. Stick with “when is a good time?” without using “it” to be respectful.

If you want to come back to use other synonyms, you should bookmark this page! There are plenty available, so you’re welcome to use them all!