11 Other Ways to Say “As Per Your Request”

Are you trying to respond to someone’s request in a professional way? “As per your request” seems like the best option, right?

Well, it might be worth looking at a few others.

This article will explain all there is to know about another way to say “as per your request.”

Other Ways to Say “As Per Your Request”

  • Relating to the question you asked
  • Since you asked
  • Based on the information you provided
  • As you requested
  • Per your request
  • About your questions
  • I have an answer to your query
  • I have collected information to help you
  • Regarding our previous conversation
  • Regarding your previous request
  • Just to update you on your request


  • You should use “as per your request” in formal writing, though some argue it’s redundant and “per your request” works better.
  • You can try “relating to the question you asked” if you want to sound professional and clear.
  • “Since you asked” is better suited for informal situations when speaking to colleagues.

Keep reading to learn all about the different phrases. We’ll share the best ones to use in formal and informal writing. That way, you can select the best one based on your current needs.

Alternatively, you can skip to the final section to learn more about “as per your request.” We’ve covered whether it’s correct in the first place.

Relating to the Question You Asked (Formal)

“Relating to the question you asked” is a great formal alternative to “as per your request.” You should use it when you have gathered information to respond to someone’s previous question.

It’s most common to use this phrase when emailing a client who needs updated information. It shows them you have searched for an answer to their question. Usually, such an answer comes in the form of an attachment.

You can use “relating to the question you asked” and “as per your request” in formal emails. They are both effective, making them good professional choices. Why not try switching between the two to keep your language choices fresh?

Here are a few email examples showing you how it works:

Dear Walter,

Please find the following information attached to this email relating to the question you asked.


Dear Pietro,

Relating to the question you asked, would you be able to come into the office later?

We have some files that might work for you.

All the best,
Tom and Millie

Since You Asked (Informal)

“Since you asked” is a great informal synonym for “as per your request.” It shows that someone asked something, and you found a way to answer their query.

Usually, it means you have something physical to give them an answer (i.e. a file or document).

You’ll find this phrase works best conversationally. For example, you might use it when speaking with a colleague who asked for your input into a project and would like to know what you’d do next in their position.

“Since you asked” also tends to work better in spoken situations rather than written ones. It can seem a bit jarring in written cases, especially if you include it in an email.

Finally, “Since you asked” isn’t all that effective formally. You should definitely stick with “as per your request” if you want to be as professional as possible in written contexts.

Check these examples out to show you how to use the phrase:

Since you asked, I think it makes more sense for us to do this together. Do you have any suggestions?

Since you asked, here are the notes from today’s session. It was a shame you couldn’t make it!

Is It Correct to Say “As Per Your Request”?

“As per your request” is grammatically correct, but many writers see it as redundant.

Instead, you might find that “per your request” works better because “as” and “per” mean the same thing.

Generally, you should include the phrase in a business email. It directs the recipient toward an attached file if they’ve specifically requested something.

Here are some variations you can use:

  • As per your request, please find attached the documents
  • As per your request, please find the below information
  • As per your request, please find attached my resume

You don’t always have to include “as per your request” at the start. The following are both correct:

  • As per your request, please find attached
  • Please find attached, as per your request

There isn’t a tonal difference between the two based on where you place the phrase.

When using “as per,” you should always use “your request.” “Request” is a noun. You should never try to turn “request” into a verb (so, “as per requested” is never correct).

  • Correct: As per your request, please find the attached file.
  • Incorrect: As per requested, please find the attached file.

You should bookmark this page if you still need help with it later, though! That way, you’ll always have something to come back to.