11 Other Ways to Say “Please Keep Me Updated”

So, you want to stay updated when someone shares new information.

But are you worried that “please keep me updated” is a bit too repetitive?

Luckily, this article is here to help. We’ve gathered the best phrases showing you how to say “please keep me updated” in an email.

Other Ways to Say “Please Keep Me Updated”

  • I’d like to stay informed
  • Keep me posted
  • Keep me in the loop
  • Stay in touch
  • I’d like to hear more
  • I’d like for you to keep me up to date
  • Please fill me in with more when relevant
  • I’d like to be clued in
  • Keep me updated when you can
  • Please keep me informed
  • Can I please stay involved?


  • “Please keep me updated” is a great formal phrase that shows you’d like to stay in the loop.
  • “I’d like to stay informed” is an excellent professional alternative that’ll help you mix things up.
  • Try “keep me posted” for something a bit more informal in your emails.

Keep reading to learn other words that work well. We’ll show you how to say “please keep me updated” professionally and informally to keep your emails fresh and engaging.

Also, the final section will explore whether it’s correct to say “please keep me updated.” So, if you’d like to learn more, you can skip ahead to see whether it’s appropriate.

I’d Like to Stay Informed (Formal)

Another way to say “please keep me updated” is “I’d like to stay informed.” It’s a great professional synonym that’ll help you mix things up in an email.

We recommend using it when emailing your boss. It shows you’re keen to hear any updates they might be able to provide for you.

You won’t know if your boss can provide an update until you ask. And employees that ask tend to be the ones that impress their bosses the most.

So, you should try including it as a formal and respectful phrase.

It’ll let your boss know that you’re happy to hear from them and would like updates as and when they occur.

You can also review this email example:

Dear Mr. Bridge,

I’d like to stay informed when you have more updates. Please let me know as soon as you hear more.

Best regards,
Don Rider

Keep Me Posted (Informal)

For a slightly more informal alternative, you can include “keep me posted” in an email. This is a good one to use in more friendly situations.

There are plenty of contexts where more friendly phrases work well in emails.

For instance, you can use it when emailing a coworker. You might need to hear from them if you’ve heard that they have certain information about a project.

You can ask them to “keep you posted,” which encourages them to reach out when they have information to pass on.

Of course, we only recommend using this when you have a good relationship with them. Otherwise, they might not feel obliged to reach out and “keep you posted.”

This email sample should also help you:

Hi Ben,

That sounds like a really good plan! Keep me posted, as I’d love to learn more about what’s happening next.

William George

Is It Correct to Say “Please Keep Me Updated”?

It is correct to say “please keep me updated.” It’s a good phrase to use in formal emails when you’d like someone to reach out and keep you in the loop.

You can refer to this example to find out more about how it works:

Dear Mr. Jenkins,

Thanks so much for reaching out about this. Please keep me updated as soon as you have any relevant information.

William Sutton

You should always use “updated” in the past tense here, though. The “-d” at the end is important.

For instance:

  • Correct: Please keep me updated.
  • Incorrect: Please keep me update.

Also, you don’t have to include “please” in the phrase. Sometimes, it’s acceptable to remove “please” as a formality. You can just use this variation:

  • Keep me updated.

It’s a bit less polite, but it still works well.

We also recommend using some of these extensions to keep your writing interesting:

  • Please keep me updated on the progress
  • Please keep me updated on the status
  • Please keep me updated if any news comes up

They allow you to be a bit more specific about what you’d like updates about. It’s a great way to ensure you’re on the same page as the recipient.

And if you’re looking to make things slightly more polite and formal, try the following extensions:

  • Could you please keep me updated?
  • Can you please keep me updated?
  • Would you please keep me updated?