13 Other Ways to Say “At Your Convenience”

You want to let someone know that there’s no urgency to get your request done. But is “at your convenience” too stuffy a phrase to use? Are there any alternatives?

If these are the questions keeping you up at night, you’ve come to the right place! Moreover, we’ve compiled a list of useful synonyms for the phrase “at your convenience” so you’re never out of options!

Other Ways to Say “At Your Convenience”

  • At a time that suits you
  • When you have a moment
  • When it suits you
  • At a convenient time
  • When you can
  • When you have a minute
  • At your leisure
  • Whenever is most convenient for you
  • In your own time
  • Whenever you like
  • When you have some spare time
  • When you’re able
  • At a suitable time


  • The phrase “at your convenience” is grammatically correct and most appropriate for formal circumstances.
  • To alter your phrasing in formal settings, you can try “at a time that suits you” as an alternative.
  • In informal settings, you can say “when you have a moment” instead.

Keep reading to see how we use our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “at your convenience” in a couple of practical examples.

Afterward, we’ll discuss the correctness of the original phrase. Is it considered rude?

At a Time That Suits You (Formal)

Another way to say “at your convenience” is “at a time that suits you.” This phrase is suitable to use in formal circumstances. Moreover, it can be used professionally.

Firstly, “at your convenience” and “at a time that suits you” can generally be used interchangeably. Like the original phrase, this synonym shows that there is no urgency in getting something done.

Therefore, this alternative is not better than the original. However, it can help you mix up your language and avoid repetition in your work emails.

Finally, let’s see a sample email making use of this phrase:

Dear Thandeka,

Congratulations on making it to the next stage of our application process.

The next step will be a series of practical tasks. Please complete them at a time that suits you.

Cleo Dott (Head of Recruitment)

When You Have a Moment (Informal)

If you’re wondering what to say instead of “at your convenience” in informal circumstances, our top choice is the phrase “when you have a moment.”

This alternative is far more casual and conversational. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend using it in formal correspondence with clients or a potential employer.

However, it is suitable to use in informal correspondence with your colleagues, especially if you have a friendly dynamic in the office.

Lastly, consider the email example below to see this phrase in action:

Dear Hettie,

I’d really like to set up a meeting when you have a moment.

I think we need to discuss the headings of this presentation in more detail.

Let me know when would suit you.


Is It Correct to Say “At Your Convenience”?

The phrase “at your convenience” is grammatically correct and most suited for formal settings, such as work or school emails.

Therefore, you can use our list of synonyms if you want a less formal alternative or if you simply want to change your phrasing here and there.

The original phrase is polite and unhurried. It shows that, although something needs to be done, there is no urgency. Therefore, this phrase is in no way rude, but it can be considered a tad vague.

In business, it may be better to let the other person know exactly when something needs to be done. After all, it may never be a convenient time!

Nonetheless, if the time frame really doesn’t matter, this phrase is effective. Thus, let’s see a couple of variations of this phrase that you might use in practice:

  • I am available anytime at your convenience.
  • Please call me at your convenience.

Lastly, “at your convenience” is the only correct version of this phrase.

Therefore, the phrase “in your convenience,” or any other preposition, would be incorrect.

We hope you found our list of synonyms helpful. If you did, why not bookmark this page to keep our alternatives at your disposal?