14 Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Meeting You”

It’s no secret that “looking forward to meeting you” is overused in formal emails. That’s why you’re here, right?

After all, you want to find an alternative way to say you’re excited to meet someone for the first time.

Don’t worry. This article will provide a list of synonyms for “looking forward to meeting you.”

Other Ways to Say “Looking Forward to Meeting You”

  • Looking forward to seeing you
  • Counting down the days till we meet
  • So excited to meet you
  • Looking forward to our meeting
  • Ready to meet you
  • So happy to meet you
  • Excited to hear what you have to say
  • Can’t wait to meet you
  • Can’t wait to see you
  • I really can’t wait
  • I look forward to it
  • Ready to meet you properly
  • So excited to get to know you
  • Ready to get to know you


  • “Looking forward to meeting you” is formal and correct.
  • You can also use “looking forward to our meeting” as an alternative in formal writing.
  • Informally, you would have more luck with “counting down the days till we meet.”

We’re not entirely done yet! If you keep reading, we’ll provide real examples to help you understand when each one works!

Finally, we’ll show you whether it’s correct to say “looking forward to meeting you.” Are the synonyms more useful than the original phrase?

Looking Forward to Our Meeting (Formal)

“Looking forward to our meeting” is a great formal synonym. It works well in formal settings because it shows you’re keen to meet someone and learn from them.

It’s also a very formal and respectful phrase. You can use it when emailing a boss and showing them how much you respect them. It’s great to set up a positive rapport in a working capacity.

“Looking forward to meeting you” is still the most effective phrase. While “looking forward to our meeting” works well, it’s not a better synonym. We recommend using it to mix up your language. It gives you another way to say “looking forward to meeting you” professionally.

Below, you can see an example showing you how to use “looking forward to our meeting” in a professional email:

Dear Carl Oscar,

I’m looking forward to our meeting on Tuesday. I hope I’ll impress you with what I have to say.

All the best,
Peter Williams

Counting Down the Days Till We Meet (Informal)

Not every sentence you use has to be formal. After all, there are plenty of informal situations in life. That’s where our favorite informal synonym, “counting down the days till we meet,” comes in.

This is a very effective alternative. It shows how excited you are to meet someone informally. You’ll find more use for this phrase when speaking to friends and family.

However, we recommend against using this phrase in formal emails. It is not more suitable than “looking forward to meeting you” in a formal capacity.

Here are a few examples that will demonstrate how to use the informal “counting down the days till we meet:”

I’m counting down the days till we meet, Roger. I need to tell you all about what’s happened.

She is still counting down the days till we meet. I had no idea I meant so much to her.

Imagine how robotic you would sound if you texted your friends, “looking forward to meeting you.” Therefore, we recommend “counting down the days till we meet” for casual situations.

Is It Correct to Say “Looking Forward to Meeting You”?

While the alternatives are useful, they are not necessary. “Looking forward to meeting you” is grammatically correct and works well in formal situations. You should use it in most emails when planning a meeting with someone.

To summarize, you won’t find a better phrase than “looking forward to meeting you.” While we’ve provided some good synonyms, a variation may suit you better if you want to stick to the original phrase.

Here are some common choices for what to say instead of “looking forward to meeting you:”

  • I look forward to meeting you
  • Looking forward to meeting you in person
  • I am looking forward to meeting you soon
  • Very much looking forward to meeting with you

Did you notice that each variation uses “meeting”? Well, it’s time to explain the differences between using “meet” and “meeting” in these sentences. If that’s what you came to find out, you only need to refer to the next section!

“Looking forward to meeting you” is grammatically correct.

However, “looking forward to meet you” is grammatically incorrect.

You must use the gerund form (meeting) and a preposition (to) together. Combined, they show how an action takes place (i.e. how or where the meeting will happen).

To conclude, “looking forward to meeting you” is the only correct form.

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