11 Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Meal”

Are you trying to say “enjoy your meal” and wondering about the phrase? Maybe it’s polite to say, but you’re not sure about it!

Well, there are always options. This article will explore another phrase for “enjoy your meal” and how to use different ones in different contexts.

Other Ways to Say “Enjoy Your Meal”

  • I hope you have a pleasant meal
  • Bon appetit!
  • Dig in
  • Tuck in
  • Have at it
  • Enjoy your food
  • I hope you enjoy your dinner
  • I’m sure you’ll love this meal
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Let me know if I can get you anything else
  • It’s all yours


  • “Enjoy your meal” is a common term used by servers after presenting customers with a meal.
  • “I hope you have a pleasant meal” is an excellent phrase for formal messages.
  • You could say “bon appetit!” in informal English to be more friendly and conversational.

So, there are clearly plenty of great options available! However, we won’t stop just yet! Keep reading to learn more about the best options in formal and informal cases.

You can also skip to the final section to learn more about “enjoy your meal.” We’ve explained whether it’s correct and how to use it appropriately.

I Hope You Have a Pleasant Meal (Formal)

“I hope you have a pleasant meal” is a great formal synonym for “enjoy your meal.” You should use it after serving someone food in a high-end establishment. It’s very polite and respectful.

You won’t often find phrases like “I hope you have a pleasant meal” used outside of restaurants. It’s more common for servers to use the phrase than anyone else.

However, you might say “I hope you have a pleasant meal” when messaging colleagues who are having a lunch meeting. It’s not all that common, but you could message them if you’re not going to the meeting and want them to enjoy the food.

We recommend using “I hope you have a pleasant meal” when you want to sound professional. It’s much more effective than “enjoy your meal” in those cases.

These examples will show you how to use the phrase:

I hope you have a pleasant meal. Please, let me know if there’s anything I can do to help again.

I hope you have a pleasant meal. There’s a reason that it’s rated as one of the best restaurants in the country.

Bon Appetit! (Informal)

“Bon appetit!” is a fun way to say “enjoy your meal.” It means “good appetite” in French.

It’s a fairly popular exclamation used by people just before someone starts eating.

You should try using it when you are eating food with friends. Right before everyone tucks into their food, you could announce “bon appetit!” to let everyone know that you want them to enjoy the food.

Of course, “bon appetit!” doesn’t work all that well formally. While “enjoy your meal” isn’t very formal, it’s still a better choice than “bon appetit!” in most professional situations.

However, if you compare them informally, then “bon appetit!” is a lot friendlier and funnier to use!

Why not check out how to use the phrase in the following examples:

Bon appetit! I can’t believe you get to taste the food from Julian’s Diner. It’s so nice there!

Bon appetit, guys! I hope it makes your date extra special.

Is It Correct to Say “Enjoy Your Meal”?

“Enjoy your meal” is correct when you are a server in a restaurant. It shows you want people to enjoy the food they ordered once you have served them.

There aren’t many other contexts where the phrase applies. You won’t often find it used formally because there’s no reason to write “enjoy your meal” in formal settings.

Here are some other variations you can use that change “meal” in the phrase:

  • Enjoy your dinner
  • Enjoy your lunch
  • Please, enjoy your food

It’s very common for Americans to use “enjoy your meal” in restaurants. Most of the time, servers will present a table with food and say “enjoy your meal” before leaving them to enjoy whatever they ordered.

You won’t often find the phrase used in other countries. For instance, British English servers tend to say something more like “let me know if there’s anything else you need” when serving food.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page if you need any reminders about the best synonyms for “enjoy your meal.” That way, you’ll always have something else to use when it counts.