10 Other Ways to Say “Have a Nice Vacation”

Would you like to know what to say to someone going on vacation? Maybe “have a nice vacation” is too simple and doesn’t cut it for you.

Well, you’re in luck! We have gathered the best synonyms to include in a message when someone goes away before a vacation.

Other Ways to Say “Have a Nice Vacation”

  • Enjoy your time away
  • I hope you have the best time
  • Have a great trip
  • Enjoy your vacation
  • Send me a postcard!
  • I’m so jealous of your vacation
  • Have a great time off
  • This vacation is going to be great for you
  • Make the most of your trip
  • Enjoy your time off work


  • “Have a nice vacation” is correct and suitable, though it’s a bit basic.
  • You could say “enjoy your time away” in more professional instances (like emails).
  • “I hope you have the best time” works well as an informal alternative.

So, read on to learn more about the best synonyms. We’ll teach you how to wish someone well for vacation with both formal and informal alternatives.

You can also skip to the last section to learn whether it’s correct to say “have a nice vacation.” Then, you will learn whether it’s worth using it at all or if you’re better off with the synonyms.

Enjoy Your Time Away (Formal)

“Enjoy your time away” is an excellent formal synonym for “have a nice vacation.” It shows that someone has planned “time away” from the workplace.

You can use it in emails to colleagues, coworkers, employees, and all kinds of other people.

For instance, you might say “enjoy your time away” in an email to an employee. It shows that you respect their vacation time as a boss, and you might want to make things easier for them while they’re away. Also, it’s polite to wish them well before they go away.

We certainly encourage using “enjoy your time away” over “have a nice vacation” if you want to sound a bit more personal while remaining professional. It’s a great phrase that shows you care about the people you work with.

You can refer to this email sample to help you:

Dear Milo,

Enjoy your time away. I’ll ensure the others know that you won’t be in the office for the next week.

All the best,

I Hope You Have the Best Time (Informal)

“I hope you have the best time” is a suitable informal synonym showing support and care towards friends.

You can use it when someone is going away, and you want them to have the “best time.” It’s a friendly way to encourage someone to have fun or go wild.

You can use a phrase like this when talking to a colleague who’s going away. It shows you like them a lot and want them to have fun (especially since they get time away from work).

There are even some instances where “I hope you have the best time” works formally. So, it might do well to replace “have a nice vacation” in some formal capacities. Although, you might want to change “the best time” to “a good time” to sound slightly more professional.

You can refer to these examples to help you:

Hey Chrissy, I hope you have the best time away! Let me know if there’s anything I can do while you’re gone.

I hope you have the best time! You deserve a real break from your work! I think this is good for you.

Is It Correct to Say “Have a Nice Vacation”?

“Have a nice vacation” is correct and acceptable. It works well, both formally and informally when someone is planning a trip away (or is just about to leave work for a vacation).

You may use these variations to add a verb and subject:

  • Wish you have a nice vacation
  • Hope you have a nice vacation

Alternatively, you can change “nice” to a different adjective, such as:

  • Have a great vacation
  • Have a good vacation

As long as the adjective choice is positive, it is a complimentary and supportive phrase.

Finally, bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best synonyms for “have a nice vacation.” That way, you’ll have plenty of options to keep things interesting with your writing.