12 Other Ways to Say “Hop on a Call”

Are you trying to ask someone to join a call but worrying that “hop on a call” is the wrong phrase? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

This article explains some professional synonyms to help replace “hop on a call.”

Other Ways to Say “Hop on a Call”

  • I would like to discuss this over the phone
  • Let’s have a quick chat
  • Let’s have a phone call
  • I’d love to chat about this
  • Do you mind jumping on a call?
  • Jump on a call
  • Join the call
  • Can you join this call?
  • Shall we have a call?
  • Would you prefer if we called?
  • It would be best to do this over the phone
  • Let’s discuss it over the phone


  • “Hop on a call” is great informally, but it is not a suitable professional phrase.
  • You should use “I would like to discuss this over the phone” to sound confident and formal.
  • “Let’s have a quick chat” is a great conversational synonym that works well here.

There are plenty of great options, and you should stick around to learn more about them! We’ve explained the best phrases in both formal and informal situations.

Also, you can skip to the final section to learn more about “hop on a call.” We’ve explained whether it’s correct and how to use it appropriately.

I Would Like to Discuss This Over the Phone (Formal)

“I would like to discuss this over the phone” is a great formal synonym for “hop on a call.”

It shows that you would like to talk to someone about a specific topic in a more professional setting.

For example, if you’re emailing someone about new company changes, they might not understand everything you say. Therefore, you might need to say “I would like to discuss this over the phone” to create an easier and clearer way to communicate.

You might find it useful when emailing employees and telling them about new ideas. Talking over the phone rather than via email allows both parties to explore ideas in real-time rather than having to wait for an email reply.

We highly recommend using “I would like to discuss this over the phone” instead of “hop on a call” in business contexts. It’s a much more effective way to ask someone for a call in a more respectful sense.

The following example will help you understand how to use it:

Dear Melissa,

I would like to discuss this over the phone. It’s much easier for me to get all my points across.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Let’s Have a Quick Chat (Informal)

“Let’s have a quick chat” is a great informal synonym for “hop on a call.”

You should use it when you want to talk things through with someone and believe that a phone call is the easiest way to do that.

For instance, if you’re discussing new ideas with a colleague you’re close to, you might want to use this phrase in an email. That way, you can steer them away from an email reply and try to get them to talk to you over the phone.

We don’t recommend using either “let’s have a quick chat” or “hop on a call” formally, though. While both phrases are great for conversational contexts, they do not work well when you need to be professional.

Here are a few examples to help you understand it:

Hey Timmy,

I totally see what you’re saying. Let’s have a quick chat over the phone because it’ll be easier for me to talk you through the system.

Best wishes,

Okay, so let’s have a quick chat. I think you’re missing a few things, and I’d like to help clear things up!

Is It Correct to Say “Hop on a Call”?

“Hop on a call” is correct in informal English. You should only use it conversationally because it encourages someone to join you for a phone call in a more informal tone.

This phrase has no place in formal English, though. It is far too friendly and jokey, making it useless in professional contexts. That’s why we’ve suggested some synonyms in this article that apply more to formal situations.

However, “hop” itself is correct to use here. It’s a fun verb choice that suggests someone can “jump in” to have a phone call with you.

Try out one of these variations as well to mix things up:

  • Happy to hop on a call
  • Let’s hop on a call to discuss
  • Hop on a quick call

You should bookmark this page to remind you of the best alternatives to use for “hop on a call.” That way, you’ll have a good option regardless of the tone you write with.