18 Other Ways to Say “However” in an Essay

You’re in the midst of a formal essay, and it looks like you’ve used “however” far too many times. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Below, we’ve compiled a list of great alternative terms that you can use when “however” starts to feel worn out. So, keep reading to find what you seek!

Other Ways to Say “However”

  • Nevertheless
  • Alternatively
  • Nonetheless
  • All the same
  • Though
  • In spite of
  • Anyhow
  • But
  • Despite
  • After all
  • Notwithstanding
  • Conversely
  • On the other hand
  • Even so
  • Still
  • Yet
  • Although
  • In contrast


  • It’s perfectly okay to use “however” in an essay.
  • “Nevertheless” is a good alternative to use to keep your paper diverse.
  • You can also use “alternatively” to avoid repetition of the word “however.”

Keep reading to see how we use our favorite synonyms for “however” in a couple of useful examples.

After that, we’ll consider whether it’s okay to use “however” in an essay. Is this considered bad practice?


If you’re wondering what to say instead of “however” in an essay, you might want to try “nevertheless.”

Firstly, like the original word, this term is used to introduce contrasting information relating to a previous statement. “Nevertheless” and “however” differ slightly in overall meaning.

However (or nevertheless), you’ll find that they can often be used interchangeably at the start of a sentence.

In other words, “nevertheless” is not a better word than “however” to use in formal or academic writing. But you can use this alternative to avoid repetition in your essay.

Finally, let’s see a couple of faux essay snippets making use of “nevertheless”:

Nevertheless, the ICO has provided several useful resources to guide sellers in their marketing pursuits.

After months of negotiations with unions, strikes broke out, nevertheless.


“Alternatively” is another word to use instead of “however” in academic writing. Like the original phrase, it can be used at the start of a sentence.

Essentially, “alternatively” means “as another possibility.” As such, it can be used to present a counterpoint to a previous statement in a paper.

However is just as effective as “alternatively,” but you can use this synonym to keep your phrasing diverse and your paper more interesting.

Lastly, let’s see a few examples making use of this term:

Small businesses feel that they have no choice but to cease the use of cold-calling altogether or, alternatively, undergo a costly remodeling of their marketing in an attempt to comply.

Alternatively, we may observe adaptation to these new conditions amongst our specimens.

Can I Use “However” in an Essay?

It is perfectly okay to use “however” in an essay. However, we do advise that you use it with caution.

Although it is not a bad word by any means, it is very easy to overuse it. This could be very detrimental to the appearance of your essay to any marker.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to use our list of synonyms to find other ways to say “however” when you have already used it.

Nevertheless, “however” is a perfectly polite word that can be used to introduce contrasting information or to transition to a new sentence. It is very effective, and you’re unlikely to find an academic paper that makes no use of it at all.

We hope you found our list of synonyms helpful. If you think you might need them the next time you’re drafting an essay, why not bookmark this page so you can find it again with ease?