13 Other Ways to Say “I Am Not Feeling Well” in an Email

Okay, so you’re ill. And now you need to email your boss to tell them.

But do you know how to say “I am not feeling well” in an email without sounding like you’re lying or using a generic phrase?

This article will explore some synonyms, showing you how to say “I am not feeling well” to your boss.

Other Ways to Say “I Am Not Feeling Well”

  • I am under the weather
  • I’m not in top form
  • I’m a bit poorly
  • I’m feeling a bit off
  • I am not in the best of health
  • I’m not feeling up to scratch
  • I am experiencing some discomfort
  • I’m battling some health issues
  • I’m dealing with some unease
  • I am experiencing some challenges
  • I’m not feeling my best
  • I am struggling with my health
  • I’m not feeling quite myself


  • “I am not feeling well” is a simple way to let an employer know you’re not well enough to go to work via email.
  • “I am under the weather” is a great formal alternative that’ll help you keep things unique in your emails.
  • Try “I’m not in top form” for a more informal phrase that works well when emailing your boss.

Keep reading to learn different ways to say “I am not feeling well.” That way, you can always have options to rely on when you’re sick and need to write a quick email.

Also, you can read the final section to learn whether it’s correct to say “I am not feeling well.” It’s always good to know these things before trying to include it in an email.

I Am Under the Weather (Formal)

For a more formal alternative, try “I am under the weather.” It works well professionally and lets your boss know you’re feeling unwell.

It’s good to use this one when asking your boss for time off. It keeps things a bit more friendly, showing that you’d appreciate it if they could give you time away from work.

After all, the last thing any of us want is to work while we’re feeling unwell!

“Under the weather” is an idiomatic expression. It implies you’re sick and need to take some time to recover.

Your boss will understand that and hopefully give you that time! After all, it’s a fairly respectful way to ask for some time away from work politely.

Here’s a great email sample to help you understand it:

Dear Mr. Kichenside,

I am under the weather, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to come to work today. Please let my team know.

Sally Winchester

I’m Not in Top Form (Informal)

For a slightly more conversational phrase, try “I’m not in top form.”

It’s great to include in an email to your boss if you have a good working relationship with them.

Generally, that means you should stick to using it in casual workplaces. If your workplace doesn’t rely on heavily formal writing, then this phrase is better to use in an email.

It’s still polite, but it’s also quite friendly. So, it’ll let your boss know you’re simply not in a good place and need to take a day or two off work.

Also, this sample email should clear a few things up:

Dear Tony,

I’m not in top form right now! I’m afraid I’d be of no use to you or the team, so I’m going to stay at home for the day.

Kind regards,
Danielle Brandon

Is It Correct to Say “I Am Not Feeling Well”?

It is correct to say “I am not feeling well.” It’s highly effective in formal settings because it shows you’re not able to do something because you’re unwell.

For example, you can use it to send a sickness email. It’ll allow you to tell your boss you’re not feeling well, which lets them know you’re not coming to work for the day.

Here’s an email example to show you how to use it:

Dear Miss Brighton,

I am not feeling well today. As much as it pains me to say it, I cannot make it to my shift until I’m better.

George Harris

We recommend using it because it’s polite and honest.

You don’t have to explain more about your sickness when using it, either. Simply writing “I am not feeling well” is enough.

Also, feel free to use these as extensions:

  • I won’t be able to come to work today because I am not feeling well
  • I am not feeling well today, so I am taking a day off
  • I am not feeling well due to a fever
  • I am not feeling well today, so I cannot come to the office

Each of these extensions allows you to specify a bit more about your illness.

Again, unless you want to, you don’t have to say more about why you feel unwell. Sometimes, it’s best to keep that to yourself and just let your boss know you won’t be going to work.