13 Other Ways to Say “It Is Worth Mentioning”

If you’re trying to introduce a bit of information that is going to affect a topic you’re discussing, how can you go about that?

We’re here to help. You can use the phrase “it is worth mentioning,” but there are lots of other options too!

Other Ways to Say “It Is Worth Mentioning”

  • It is important to note
  • It should be pointed out
  • It should be noted
  • It is noteworthy
  • It is worth noting
  • It must be noted
  • It should be mentioned
  • Kindly note
  • Please note
  • It is relevant to note
  • It must be mentioned
  • It’s pertinent to note
  • Mention must be made


  • “It is worth mentioning” is a grammatically correct phrase that you can use in a professional environment.
  • A more formal alternative is “it is important to note.”
  • If you’re looking for an informal option, try using “it should be pointed out.”

Now you have a nice list of synonyms. However, we’re not done yet. If you keep reading, we’ll go into more detail about the formal and informal synonyms for “it is worth mentioning.”

Furthermore, we’ll explain the scenarios in which you can use them and show you some example sentences.

It Is Important to Note (Formal)

A good formal synonym for “it is worth mentioning” is “it is important to note.”

Firstly, this phrase is perfect to use in business reports or presentations. You can also use it in emails that you’re sending to your boss, who’s a stickler for using proper grammar and full sentences in all their business communications.

Moreover, while it has the exact same meaning as “it is worth mentioning,” this phrase is actually a more formal alternative, so you might want to use “it is important to note” instead when you’re trying to convey a serious tone

However, “it is worth mentioning” is still perfectly polite and appropriate to use in a workplace, so whether you employ the alternative is up to you.

Finally, here’s an example of this phrase in an email:

Dear Felicia,

With regard to this data, it is important to note that there were several external pressures that we couldn’t have predicted in this sales period. Under the circumstances, these results may be inconsistent.

Kind regards,

It Should Be Pointed Out (Informal)

Another way to say “it is worth mentioning” is “it should be pointed out.”

This is an informal synonym, so you can use it in situations where you feel like a more casual register is appropriate.

Nonetheless, you can still use it in the workplace but it’s more suitable for a quick email to a colleague than a presentation to some high-level executives.

Furthermore, “it is worth mentioning” and “it should be pointed out” have a similar tone and register, so they can be used interchangeably. 

Lastly, here’s an example of this phrase in an email:

Dear Rory,

It should be pointed out that we tend to see a dip in orders in January every year. With less web traffic, this may be when we should do site maintenance.


Is It Correct to Say “It Is Worth Mentioning”?

The phrase “it is worth mentioning” is grammatically correct and you can use it to introduce a piece of pertinent information.

Additionally, it’s not overly formal or informal but it’s polite and appropriate to use in a professional environment.

Here are some example sentences to help you understand the purpose of this phrase:

I think it is worth mentioning that we used to have an account with them before they changed ownership.

It is worth mentioning that she’s a well-liked member of the team, even if she’s not one of our high performers.

This is the only correct way to write this phrase, as something like “it is worth to mention” would be grammatically incorrect.

We hope that you’ve found this article informative and feel confident using the phrase “it is worth mentioning” and its alternatives.

If you did find this helpful, you can bookmark this page so that it’s easy to find whenever you need it – we thought that was worth mentioning.