19 Other Ways to Say “I Believe” in an Essay

If you’re wondering how to say “I believe” in an essay without using first-person phrasing, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of synonyms that you can use instead of saying “I believe” in an essay. We’ll also discuss whether you should use the original phrase at all.

Other Ways to Say “I Believe”

  • One might argue
  • It appears
  • It would seem
  • This suggests
  • It is my belief
  • As I see it
  • From my perspective
  • This shows
  • It could be argued
  • I would argue
  • I propose
  • This illustrates
  • This evidences
  • I suggest
  • I suspect
  • In my opinion
  • This proves
  • In the author’s opinion
  • In my mind


  • It’s okay to use “I believe” in an essay if the person grading your paper permits you to use personal pronouns.
  • You can say “one might argue” if you want to use a more formal alternative in the third person.
  • “It appears” is another good option that removes the personal pronoun “I.”

Don’t go anywhere! In the next section, we’ll discuss two great alternatives for the phrase “I believe” that you can use in your academic writing.

Moreover, we’ll provide some helpful examples and discuss whether it’s a bad idea to use “I believe” in your essay.

One Might Argue

If you’re wondering what to say instead of “I believe” in an essay, a great choice is “one might argue.”

Some academics may view this alternative as superior to the original phrase. After all, it is written in the third person. Therefore, you can get the same point across without using “I.” In some formal academic essays, it is expected by markers that personal pronouns should be avoided.

Additionally, this alternative makes it clear that your statement isn’t certain, just like the original. The word “might” implies that you are expressing an opinion or making just a potential argument.

Finally, let’s see how one might use this phrase in a few examples:

One might argue that the individual responsibility of consumers to buy sustainable products is far less than the responsibility that should be placed on large industries.

Although our findings show that fewer children are taking an interest in mathematics, one might argue that this has more to do with the teaching style of educators rather than the content of the subject itself.

It Appears

Another way to say “I believe” without using the first person is “it appears.”

Like the original phrase, this one indicates that the statement following it is not certain. In fact, it is simply an observation.

Although this phrase is not necessarily superior to “I believe,” it does remove the personal pronoun “I,” which is often seen as preferable by teachers and professors.

It also has the benefit of using the same number of words as “I believe.” Therefore, it won’t increase your word count, unlike some of the other synonyms on our list.

To see this phrase in action, have a look at the examples below:

It appears that several of the mice in our experiment exhibited empathy when faced with one of their fellows trapped in a cage.

Although Otis Blackwell was a clear stylistic inspiration to Elvis, in addition to being the writer of many of his popular songs, it appears that only a small minority of the public is privy to this truth.

Can I Use “I Believe” in an Essay?

Whether it is okay to use “I believe” in an essay greatly depends on context.

There are some academics and writers out there who think using phrases like “I believe” is bad writing. Firstly, they argue that it is redundant. Obviously, you believe the statement you’re making, or you wouldn’t be making it in the first place!

Secondly, some academics think that personal pronouns should be avoided in academic writing. Therefore, it’s no good to start your statements with “I.”

On the other hand, in recent times, many academics have argued that all forms of education and information should be accessible. This means that everyone should be able to follow and understand them – not just people who were privileged enough to get a university education!

People who hold this opinion say that a phrase like “I believe” is perfectly effective. After all, it lets the reader know that you are expressing an opinion and not a fact. Additionally, it is straightforward and easy for any reader to follow.

Therefore, as a rule of thumb, we would always recommend speaking to the person who is going to grade your essay before you start. If they are a traditionalist and would prefer very formal writing, use one of our alternatives.

If they are happy to read a paper with personal pronouns and straightforward writing in it, go ahead and use “I believe.”

In conclusion, it’s okay to use “I believe” if the person marking your essay is okay with it!

We hope you found this article helpful. If you did, why not bookmark this page so you can come back whenever you like?