7 Other Ways to Say “I Completed My Master’s Degree”

Knowing how to say you’ve completed your master’s degree doesn’t need to be difficult. You’ve got reliable phrases like “I completed my master’s degree” to help you.

But did you know there are other options? We’ve gathered the best synonyms to help you explore how to say “I completed my master’s degree” differently.

Other Ways to Say “I Completed My Master’s Degree”

  • I have earned my (field) degree
  • I’ve done a master’s in
  • I’ve earned a master’s degree
  • My master’s degree allows me
  • With my master’s degree, I can
  • I have a master’s
  • I am a master of (field)


  • “I completed my master’s degree” is correct, as it does not overcomplicate anything.
  • You can say “I have earned my (field) degree” to be more specific and formal.
  • “I’ve done a master’s in” is a great informal synonym to mix things up.

You should read on to learn more about these synonyms. We’ve touched on the best formal and informal options to help you mix things up.

Alternatively, you can skip to the final section to learn more. We’ve explained whether it’s correct to use “I completed my master’s degree” and how it works in your writing.

I Have Earned My (Field) Degree (Formal)

You can say “I have earned my (field) degree” when you want to be slightly more formal. It’s a great way to allow someone to see exactly what type of degree you have.

It’s good to specify the degree in most professional contexts. Then, you can ensure that an email recipient knows what you studied and how that might translate for a new job.

For instance, you might use it to email a coworker. It shows you know something about a specific field that might come in handy.

We recommend using “I have earned my (field) degree” and “I completed my master’s degree” in similar settings. Both are effective, so feel free to switch between them to mix things up.

You can refer to this example to help you:

Dear Pete,

I have earned my physics degree, so I know a few things about this procedure. I’ll be happy to help you with it.

All the best,

I’ve Done a Master’s In (Informal)

Sometimes, you might want to sound more informal. So, “I’ve done a master’s in” is a good way to come across as more casual to the person you’re messaging.

You may want to use a phrase like this when talking to a colleague. It shows you have studied something specific without being too formal in your tone. It’s a great way to start a conversation and talk about what you’ve studied.

Generally, “I’ve done a master’s in” is an informal phrase because of the verb “done.” We don’t recommend using it formally. So, you should stick to “I completed my master’s degree” in business cases.

These examples should clear up how to use it:

Well, I’ve done a master’s in sports science. So, I know a thing or two about this that might help you.

I’ve done a master’s in this field. I reckon we can figure out a good way to complete it without getting on each other’s nerves.

Is It Correct to Say “I Completed My Master’s Degree”?

Luckily, it is correct to say “I completed my master’s degree.” So, you can use it in all sorts of situations when you’re talking about the degree you’ve earned.

You might use it formally when telling a boss that you’ve got a degree. After all, it might make you more desirable for a promotion.

It also works informally to tell people that you have a degree. You never know when it might come in handy (even if you’re only saying it to impress some friends).

Make sure you keep the apostrophe in “master’s,” though. It’s grammatically correct to include it because “master’s” is a possessive noun. For instance:

  • Correct: Master’s degree
  • Incorrect: Masters degree

You may also use either of the following tenses:

  • I completed my master’s degree.
  • I have completed my master’s degree.

Generally, “I” implies that you have completed your degree at some point. It usually refers to a past occurrence.

“I have” implies you have recently or only just completed a degree. It’s the present perfect tense.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best synonyms! Then, you’ll always have a few options ready to go when you want to replace “I completed my master’s degree.”