13 Other Ways to Say “I Have Completed the Task”

You want to know how to say you’ve finished a task, right?

Well, it’s certainly important to sound confident and sincere when your boss asks you for a status update.

Luckily, this article is here to help.

So, we’ll show you how to say a task has been completed to give you some ideas about staying as formal and polite as possible.

Other Ways to Say “I Have Completed the Task”

  • The task is finished
  • I’ve just wrapped up the task
  • I’ve concluded the task
  • I have accomplished what you asked of me
  • I’ve successfully executed the task
  • The task is done and dusted
  • I’ve carried out the task
  • I’ve finalized the task
  • The task is now completed
  • I’ve fulfilled my responsibility
  • I’ve performed the task as required
  • The task has been resolved
  • I’ve met the requirements of the task


  • “I have completed the task” is simple and correct, as it works to politely inform your boss you’ve done what they’ve asked.
  • Try “the task is finished” is a simple yet effective formal synonym to show you’ve done a task as requested.
  • “I’ve just wrapped up the task” is a great informal synonym that works well in most email formats.

So, keep reading to learn how to say a task is done in an email. We’ve covered the two best phrases to teach you what to say when you complete a task to impress your boss.

You can also read the final section to learn if it’s correct to say “I have completed the task.” We recommend skipping ahead if you’re trying to use it in your emails.

The Task Is Finished (Formal)

For something a little more formal, you can write “the task is finished.” This is a great way to tell your boss you’ve completed a task.

For instance, you can use it after your boss sets you an assignment. They might have given you a deadline, and they may now be asking whether you succeeded in completing the task.

Using a phrase like this is direct and respectful. It shows that you’ve done what they’ve asked you to do.

Also, it shows you’re a diligent worker. This could work in your favor moving forward, as it means your boss will come back to you if they need you.

Also, here’s a great email sample to show you how it might work:

Dear Miss Bracket,

The task is finished, and I’ve also completed it to the standards you asked of me. Of course, please let me know what you think.

All the best,
Tulip Weiss

I’ve Just Wrapped Up the Task (Informal)

You can let your supervisor know your progress by saying “I’ve just wrapped up the task.”

This certainly keeps things more informal and shows that you have a friendly relationship with your supervisor.

Generally, this phrase is great to include when you’re happy to report on the progress of a task. It still shows that you’ve done everything you need to, but it does it in a more conversational tone.

Of course, it’s a bit more informal, so you won’t be able to use it in every situation. It’s best to avoid using it when speaking directly to your boss, just in case they disapprove of the tone.

This email example should also help you to understand a bit more about it:

Hi Ted,

I’ve just wrapped up the task that you asked me to complete! So, let me know what you think when you review it.

Thanks so much,
Alex Peters

Is It Correct to Say “I Have Completed the Task”?

It is correct to say “I have completed the task.” It’s a simple way to let your boss know that you’ve completed something they’ve set for you.

Generally, you would include it in a formal response email when your boss asks for an update.

For instance:

Dear Miss Jeffries,

I have completed the task as you asked of me. Please let me know if I need to do anything else.

Sean Michaela

You may also find a slightly more informal variation in the following:

  • I have done the task.

Switching “completed” for “done” is a great way to sound more friendly and casual. Of course, this limits when it’s usable in an email.

You can also refer to these extensions to see what to say when you send an email to your manager:

  • I have completed the task assigned to me
  • I have completed the task yesterday
  • I have already completed the task

And finally, it’s worth exploring these variations to find other options that work:

  • I have completed all the tasks
  • I have completed the training
  • I have completed the survey
  • I have completed the assessment
  • I have completed the assignment