22 Other Ways to Say “Just In Case”

As they say in the classics, you’ve got to hope for the best but prepare for the worst! But is the phrase “just in case” an appropriate way to express this sentiment?

Read on to learn the answer to that question and to learn some helpful synonyms for this phrase that you can use in formal and informal settings!

Other Ways to Say “Just In Case”

  • In the event
  • On the off chance
  • Lest
  • To prevent
  • In case of
  • On the assumption
  • If things should
  • In case of necessity
  • If it comes to that
  • If things get
  • As a precaution
  • If it should be necessary
  • If all else fails
  • As needed
  • Should the need arise
  • If need be
  • In order to avoid
  • So that
  • With the proviso
  • Contingent on
  • Subject to
  • For fear that


  • The phrase “just in case” is correct and most appropriate for informal settings.
  • If you want to change your phrasing in informal circumstances, you can say “on the off chance” instead.
  • In formal settings, you can use the alternative “in the event.”

Before you click away! We still need to unpack our choice of formal and informal synonyms for the phrase “just in case” and provide some useful examples.

Thereafter, we’ll discuss the correctness of the original phrase.

In the Event (Formal)

If you’re looking for a formal way to say “just in case,” we would recommend the phrase “in the event” as a good formal synonym.

“In the event” is also a great example of how to say “just in case” professionally. In other words, you can use it in business correspondence and in email exchanges with your colleagues or employers.

In fact, “in the event” is a better formal option than the original phrase, so we would recommend using it in the workplace, school, or other formal settings.

Finally, let’s see an email example making use of this alternative:

Dear Jasper,

I have ordered several ‘fire exit’ signs for the building in the event of an emergency.

These will need to be installed at all the points marked on the map attached below.

Thank you.


On the Off Chance (Informal)

A different way to say “just in case” is “on the off chance.” This is an informal synonym that you can use when speaking to others more casually.

Essentially, this idiomatic phrase means the same as “in the unlikely event of something happening.”

While we wouldn’t recommend using this phrase in formal correspondence, it’s perfectly suitable to use in email exchanges with your colleagues. Moreover, it will often come up in casual conversations with friends or family.

It is not a better informal phrase than “just in case,” but you can use this phrase to mix up your language if the original phrase starts to feel overused.

To see this phrase in action, consider the examples below:

One of the clients left a glove in Room 6. I’ll leave it with the secretary on the off chance that they come back for it.

We’ve come up with a ‘Plan B’ on the off chance that this business strategy fails.

Is It Correct to Say “Just In Case”?

“Just in case” is a grammatically correct phrase that is most appropriate to use in informal circumstances.

This phrase refers to a situation where you prepare for a particular occurrence or outcome, even though it isn’t certain.

There are certainly better phrases to use than this one, especially in formal circumstances. Therefore, you can refer to our list if you ever need a good synonym.

You can also use our list in informal circumstances so that your messages don’t become too repetitive.

Nonetheless, “just in case” is an effective phrase to use in casual settings, and any native English speaker will be familiar with its meaning.

If you think you might make use of our list of synonyms, feel free to bookmark this page. That way, you can return to it whenever you like!