14 Other Ways to Say “Keep up the Good Work”

It’s always great to be encouraging when people work hard. You might try saying “keep up the good work” to encourage employees. However, is that the best way to show them you value them?

This article will explain the best phrases for what to say instead of “keep up the good work.”

Other Ways to Say “Keep up the Good Work”

  • You’re doing great
  • Keep it up
  • You’re working so hard
  • Great job
  • Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed
  • Good job
  • Great effort
  • Fantastic work
  • You’ve put in so much effort
  • I love how hard you work
  • Keep going
  • You’re our best employee
  • Glad to have you on the team
  • Keep smashing it


  • “Keep up the good work” is already suitable and formal, making it a great choice in business contexts.
  • Try “you’re doing great” to give you something new to add to your formal writing.
  • “Keep it up” works well if you want a more conversational and informal option.

Keep reading to learn more about the most useful synonyms. We’ve included the best options for another way to say “keep up the good work” formally and informally.

If you’re here to find out whether “keep up the good work” is correct, you can go to the final section. We’ve answered that question to help you!

You’re Doing Great (Formal)

“You’re doing great” is a great formal example of how to say “keep up the good work” professionally. It is a great business alternative showing you are fond of someone’s work.

This phrase works wonders when trying to make your employees feel good about themselves. That’s because it shows you are proud of their efforts and believe they are doing a great job.

Generally, constant positive reminders like “you’re doing great” go a long way toward boosting team and individual morale.

We highly recommend using “you’re doing great” and “keep up the good work” in formal emails and contexts. Since they are equal alternatives, they give you a chance to mix up your language by swapping between the two.

This example will show you how to use “you’re doing great” in an email:

Dear Alby,

You’re doing great, and I think it’s only fair you’re rewarded for your efforts.

Kind regards,

Keep It up (Informal)

“Keep it up” is a more informal synonym for “keep up the good work.” It is not as specific as “keep up the good work,” which makes it effective in conversational contexts.

You’ll find this phrase works better when talking to friends and reminding them to keep up the good work. This is because “keep it up” implies that someone is doing something to impress you without being specific about what it is.

“Keep up the good work” generally suggests that someone is doing “good work.”

“Keep it up” simply suggests that “it” is good (without saying what “it” is). For that reason, it’s more conversational and friendly.

You should still stick with “keep up the good work” in business emails.It is more effective because it makes it clear that someone impresses you. However, “Keep it up” certainly has its place in informal writing and speaking.

These examples will break it down a bit more for you:

Sharon, keep it up! I’ve never seen someone do as well as you with these things.

Wow! Keep it up! You are so positive when handling these problems!

Is It Correct to Say “Keep up the Good Work”?

“Keep up the good work” is correct and suitable in formal English. It’s a very encouraging phrase showing someone is working hard and impressing you.

Most of the time, bosses use “keep up the good work” when talking to employees. It’s a sign that you’re impressed with their work rate and ability, which shows that you respect and admire them.

Many employees will take “keep up the good work” as a compliment. It’s certainly a surefire way to boost morale.

These variations will give you some extra ways to write it:

  • Keep up the great work
  • Well done keep up the good work
  • Let’s keep up the good work
  • Keep up the good work guys

Any encouraging variations above will help you look like a great boss. We encourage trying them out when you next get the chance!

Also, you can bookmark this page and return to it whenever you need to! It might help to remind you why you’re saying “keep up the good work.”