13 Other Ways to Say “Hello Everyone”

Have you used “hello everyone” too often to start an email?

It can be easy to follow a repetitive routine when using the same greeting. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives available to you.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best other ways to say “hello everyone” at the start of your writing.

Other Ways to Say “Hello Everyone”

  • Dear all
  • Hey everyone
  • Hey team
  • Hi all
  • Hey guys
  • Hello everybody
  • What’s up guys?
  • Hello all
  • Howdy guys
  • Hello friends
  • Hello there people
  • Hey everybody
  • How’s it going, everyone?


  • “Hello everyone” is correct, and you do not need a comma after “Hello” when using it as an email greeting.
  • “Dear all” is an excellent alternative to the greeting in formal writing.
  • “Hey guys” works well informally.

It might help to see a few examples of each form as well. We’ll include the most useful formal and informal greetings to help you out.

To finish, we’ll also show you whether “hello everyone” is correct in the first place. If you’ve come here to find the comma rules, you may go to the final section!

Dear All (Formal)

“Dear all” is a great formal synonym for “hello everyone.” It works because it allows you to address an undescribed group of people. It is also one of the most common introductions to start a formal email.

When looking at how to say hello to everyone professionally, “dear all” tends to be the best option. It’s formal and concise. Though, some say it’s not personal, as it’s generic and doesn’t feel welcoming.

“Hello everyone” is still the better alternative if you want to be more personal. Sometimes, it pays to show personality and friendliness, like when addressing coworkers.

However, you might be writing an email to all departments in your firm that doesn’t require a personal touch. That’s where “dear all” works better as an alternative.

So, let’s go through some email examples to show you how it looks:

Dear all,

I appreciate you coming to me with this information.

All the best,
Martin Aberdeen

Dear all,

I’m afraid I’m still not at liberty to tell you what comes next.

Kind regards,

Hey Guys (Informal)

If you want to be more personal and approachable, “hey guys” is the best informal synonym for “hello everyone.”

After all, it shows that you’re addressing a group of people as “guys” (a gender-neutral term).

This synonym works incredibly well when addressing friends, family, or coworkers you have a good relationship with.

We don’t recommend using “hey guys” when addressing a group of bosses or people who rank higher than you. In the workplace, it’s wise to show respect to those who are superior to you. Generally, “hey” and “guys” aren’t the most respectful choices for this.

Thus, “hello everyone” is still the better choice for formal emails. “Hey guys” only works informally.

Check these examples out to see how you might start an email with “Hey guys”:

Hey guys,

I would still like to invite you out for a brunch meeting this afternoon.

See you soon,

Hey guys,

Thanks for looking out for me over the last few days.

Kind regards,

Is It Correct to Say “Hello Everyone”?

“Hello everyone” is already suitable and correct. In most cases, you do not need to use an alternative, as this phrase works well in formal emails as a greeting.

Typically, you include a comma after “hello” in normal writing. However, this does not apply when using “hello everyone” as an email greeting.

The comma placement allows you to use “everyone” as the direct address, where the comma separates the greeting from the people you’re addressing.

  • Hello, everyone. It’s good to see you.

In an email, you do not need to use the comma similarly. “Hello everyone” works at the start of an email without needing a comma.

Additionally, you may use “hi” instead of “hello” in informal situations. It’s much shorter than “hello,” making it more effective when talking to friends.

In summary, “hello everyone” is good to include in an email. It shows you are addressing a group of people without highlighting who they are.

That’s all you need to know about using “hello everyone.” Feel free to bookmark this page to return to it if you need to remind yourself about the synonyms and their usage!