10 Other Ways to Say “Kill Two Birds With One Stone”

You have probably said “kill two birds with one stone” before when you’ve completed two tasks in one attempt.

However, is it the most accurate or effective phrase to use?

Don’t worry; this article will look into another way to say “kill two birds with one stone.” There are some great options out there.

Other Ways to Say “Kill Two Birds With One Stone”

  • One fell swoop
  • Two for one
  • Fill two needs with one deed
  • Kill two flies with one slap
  • Stop two mouths with one morsel
  • Have two strings to one bow
  • Make two friends with one gift
  • Take two pigeons with one bean
  • Feed two birds with one seed
  • Carry two faces under one hood


  • “Kill two birds with one stone” is a great idiom used in both formal and informal contexts.
  • “One fell swoop” is a great formal alternative showing you can do multiple things with one action.
  • Try using “two for one” if you’re looking for a more familiar and conversational alternative.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

Why not continue reading to find out what the best options in both formal and informal situations are?

We’ll also share how to use them with examples.

One Fell Swoop (Formal)

“One fell swoop” is a great formal synonym for “kill two birds with one stone.” You’ll find it works really well in most professional contexts to show that you have completed two tasks by only performing one.

There are plenty of situations where “one fell swoop” works well. Why not try it out the next time you manage to complete two projects at the same time by doing the same work for both?

It shows efficiency in the workplace and that you’re able to manage your workload well.

“Kill two birds with one stone” works well, but we think “one fell swoop” gives you an extra idea of what to say instead of “kill two birds with one stone.” You should use both to keep things interesting in your writing so you don’t repeat yourself.

Check out these examples to see how “one fell swoop” works:

I’m going to get these done in one fell swoop. I think it’s important to get ahead of it and move to the next thing.

She wanted to do it in one fell swoop. I’m not sure how she managed it, but she certainly came close!

Two for One (Informal)

If you fancy an informal option doubling as a vegan alternative, try “two for one.”

What makes it a vegan alternative, we hear you ask?

Well, there is no mention of killing birds. That helps. Instead, you can just refer to doing two things in one go, meaning you complete multiple tasks at once.

It’s useful to have this in your arsenal when speaking informally. Generally speaking, most people know what “two for one” means, making it a sufficient idiom in most situations.

We also think it works well in formal contexts. While it is another way to say, “kill two birds with one stone,” we believe you should use both to give yourself more options to spice things up.

These examples will give you some more ideas about it:

I’m going to do it as a two for one. I think I’ll have better luck getting it done quickly.

You should try it as a two for one. I’m not sure why that makes more sense, but I think you stand a better chance.

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