12 Other Ways to Say “On Another Note”

Are you trying to change the subject quickly? “On another note” can do this for you, but is it the best phrase to use in all situations?

Don’t worry; we’ve got all the answers you need. This article will explore another way to say “on another note” in different contexts.

Other Ways to Say “On Another Note”

  • Moving away from that
  • But enough about that
  • Anyway
  • In addition
  • Moving on
  • Other than that
  • Anyhow
  • Moving swiftly along
  • On a more interesting note
  • To add
  • Alternatively
  • On a different note


  • “On another note” is a great phrase used to move the topic of conversation along.
  • “Moving away from that” works well if you want to continue sounding professional in your writing.
  • Try using “but enough about that” if you want a slightly more conversational option.

Keep reading to learn more about the most useful synonyms. In the following sections, we’ve touched on everything you need to know about the most effective ones.

Also, you can skip to the last section to learn more about “on another note.” In the final section, we explore whether it’s OK to say the phrase in the first place.

Moving Away From That (Formal)

“Moving away from that” is a formal synonym for “on another note.” Many people use it to move the topic of conversation along quickly, especially when they think they have something more relevant to discuss.

Most of the time, you’ll use “moving away from that” when discussing something in a meeting. You’ll often direct it at employees when they listen to you, as it shows you would like to change the subject while retaining their attention.

We think “moving away from that” and “on another note” are just as effective as each other. You can use either (or both) in your writing to mix things up and show that you want to move along.

These examples will help you understand more about it:

Moving away from that, is there anything else you would like to discuss? Otherwise, I’ll leave for the day.

Moving away from that, I think it’s best that we work together on this project. It makes more sense.

But Enough About That (Informal)

“But enough about that” is a more informal synonym that works really well. You can use it when you’re done talking about something and would like to discuss another matter.

You’ll find it works best when talking to colleagues about something you got up to outside of the workplace. If you have finished discussing a particular aspect of your extra-curricular activities, “but enough about that” allows you to move to the next most important topic.

While it’s great conversationally, it’s not effective formally. You should keep using “on another note” when you want to sound polite, respectful, and professional.

Here are a couple of examples to help you:

We could easily do something about it. But enough about that, how has your weekend been so far?

But enough about that, I’d rather learn how you’re getting on with everything outside of work!

Is It Correct to Say “On Another Note”?

“On another note” is correct and acceptable in writing. You can use it in formal contexts when you want to move the topic of conversation along.

Most people say “on another note” to completely change the topic. Therefore, you won’t often use it in business emails unless you want to cover multiple topics in the same email.

Instead, it’s more common in general messaging or spoken settings when you need to talk about something else directly after your previous topic.

You should bookmark this page to remind yourself of all the synonyms for “on another note.” Then, you’ll always have something to refer to when you need more.