10 Other Ways to Say “Please Advise”

No man is an island and there are times in all of our lives when we need to ask others for support, particularly in our careers.

Therefore, you might often find yourself sending emails to co-workers that include the phrase “please advise.” If that’s starting to get a little dull, why not try one of these top-tier alternatives?

Other Ways to Say “Please Advise”

  • Your input on this would be appreciated
  • Let me know what you think
  • Please let me know your thoughts
  • Kindly advise
  • Please provide guidance 
  • Awaiting your advice
  • Awaiting your guidance
  • Could you advise
  • Awaiting further instructions
  • Your input would be appreciated


  • You can use “please advise” in professional settings as a polite way to request assistance.
  • Additionally, as a formal alternative, you can also use “your input on this would be appreciated.”
  • Finally, if you’re looking for something with a more casual tone, try using “let me know what you think.”

Don’t click away just yet! In the next section, we discuss our favorite formal and informal synonyms for “please advise.” Additionally, we’ve included some helpful example sentences.

After that, we discuss the correctness of “please advise.” It is suitably formal?

Your Input on This Would Be Appreciated (Formal)

If you’re looking for another way to say “please advise” that is appropriate for a professional setting, then “your input on this would be appreciated” is a strong alternative.

Firstly, this phrase is a formal way to ask for feedback or suggestions from a coworker or superior. Secondly, although “please advise” is just as effective, you can use this alternative to change your phrasing and keep your work emails varied.

To see this phrase in action, consider the following example:

Dear Carlisle,

Please see the draft letter below.

This is our first correspondence with the company, so your input on this would be appreciated.

All the best,

Let Me Know What You Think (Informal)

“Let me know what you think” is an informal alternative to “please advise.”

This isn’t a better way to say “please advise.” However, it’s just a more relaxed option for when you want to use a casual tone in your speech and writing.

This phrase isn’t unprofessional per se, and it’s suitable to use it in a workplace environment where you have an established, friendly relationship with your colleagues. However, it is far less stuffy and polite than “please advise,” so you can use it amongst your friends and family.

Check out these example sentences below:

Hi team. I have created a new template for our client presentations – let me know what you think.

Let me know what you think about these invoices. Are they detailed enough?

Is It Correct to Say “Please Advise”?

“Please advise” is a grammatically correct and polite phrase that is particularly useful in professional settings. 

It’s common to see this phrase used when asking a co-worker for support with a task, particularly via email.

There are multiple variations of this phrase that are also acceptable to use, and we’ve listed these below:

  • Could you please advise us
  • Can you please advise on the below
  • Please advise if this is acceptable to you
  • Please advise on how to proceed

You will have noticed that in each example, we used the phrase “please advise” and not “please advice.” If you would like to know the difference between these phrases, we’ll discuss that next.

Essentially, “please advise” is the only correct version of this phrase. To “advise” is a verb that means to recommend or provide information to someone.

On the other hand, “please advice” is incorrect, since “advice” is a noun referring to the information that you impart.

In conclusion, the phrase “please advise” is grammatically correct and suitable to use in formal and professional settings.

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