12 Other Ways to Say “Spirit Animal”

Did you know it’s quite offensive to use the term “spirit animal”? There are much better synonyms that don’t offend native American people (with strong ties to the spiritual world).

This article will explore what to say instead of “spirit animal” and when to use the phrases to ensure you avoid offending anyone.

Other Ways to Say “Spirit Animal”

  • Kindred spirit
  • Inspiration
  • Alter ego
  • Role model
  • Avatar
  • Secret twin
  • Icon
  • Doppelganger
  • I identify as
  • Familiar
  • Daemon
  • Inner beast


  • “Spirit animal” is offensive because it mocks native American beliefs regarding spiritual connections.
  • You should use “kindred spirit” if you want a direct synonym that is not offensive.
  • “Inspiration” works really well as a more informal option that can cover a wider range of topics.

So, “spirit animal” probably isn’t the best phrase to use. Instead, we recommend reading through the article to learn a few of our favorites and how to use them.

Kindred Spirit (Formal)

If you want to avoid offending someone, “kindred spirit” is the best term to use in formal English. It shows that you have similar interests or attitudes toward something.

You could relate your interests or characteristics to certain animals when using the term.

“Kindred spirit” can refer to people or animals. You could compare yourself to another being quite easily. It also works much better in written English because it removes the offensive meaning of “spirit animal.”

Since it’s good to include in formal English, you should try using it in a resume. That way, you can let a potential employer know what animal you most connect with. This could tell them a lot about your personality before a formal interview takes place.

Here are a few examples to help you out:

That meerkat is my kindred spirit. I’ve never seen an animal that understands me like that.

My kindred spirit has got to be a lion. I’m a ferocious predator but a big softy at heart.

Inspiration (Informal)

While “inspiration” isn’t necessarily informal, it’s still a great choice if you’re looking for a more conversational option.

It gives you another way to say “spirit animal” without needing to be specific. “Inspiration” implies you take inspiration from animals or people and use that in your own life.

We highly recommend using “inspiration” over “spirit animal” when talking about general things you relate to. For example, you could say “that squirrel is my inspiration” if you can see a squirrel doing something that you also want to do.

“Inspiration” is general, meaning it works both formally and informally. There is no limit to where you can include it!

These examples should give you a clearer picture of how to use it:

These giraffes are my inspiration. I wish I could lounge around all day and eat nothing but leaves.

That’s my inspiration. If I was going to be any animal, I would have to be a chimpanzee.

Feel free to bookmark this page to always have our choice of synonyms by hand when you need them!