14 Other Ways to Say “Please Be Informed”

So, you want to keep people informed when new information comes up.

However, you want to know how to do it politely and respectfully.

If you’re worried that “please be informed” might not be the most polite choice, you’ve come to the right place.

This article has gathered some alternatives showing you how to say “please be informed” in an email.

Other Ways to Say “Please Be Informed”

  • Kindly note
  • It’s important to note
  • This is to inform you
  • I would like to inform you
  • Just to make you aware
  • We wanted to let you know
  • We’re bringing to your attention
  • Please take note of
  • We thought you should be aware
  • It’s worth mentioning that
  • This is to advise you that
  • We’re notifying you that
  • We’re giving you a heads-up
  • We’re informing you that


  • “Please be informed” is a great professional phrase to use that shows you’d like to keep someone in the loop.
  • Try “kindly note” as a professional phrase that shows you have to tell someone something.
  • “It’s important to note” is a good informal alternative that’ll help you to remind someone to pay attention.

You should read on to learn what to say instead of “please be informed.” We’ll share the best formal and informal options to help you understand it.

Also, if you want to know whether it’s correct to say “please be informed,” you can skip ahead. We’ve explained whether the phrase is correct and how to use it appropriately.

Kindly Note (Formal)

Feel free to use “kindly note” as another way to say “please be informed.” It’s a great formal alternative that shows you’d like someone to pay attention to something.

We recommend including it when emailing your colleagues. It shows you have some knowledge to share with them that they really should take note of.

Generally, using “kindly note” keeps things polite and respectful. So, it’s a great, well-rounded phrase that shows you’ve got something to share with someone.

Also, encouraging someone to “note” what you share in an email will force them to focus.

So, it ensures they pay attention and copy something down to ensure they remember it for a later date.

We also recommend reviewing this example:

Dear Jack,

Kindly note that we’ve changed the meeting time. It’s now going to run today, and I think you should attend it.

Julia Lodi

It’s Important to Note (Informal)

If you’re wondering how to politely say “please be informed,” you can try “it’s important to note.”

It’s a great informal synonym that shows you’d like someone to pay attention to what follows.

Generally, you would start an email with this phrase. That way, you can encourage the recipient to focus on the email’s contents and pay extra attention to whatever you might include.

Try it when emailing a coworker. It shows you have something relevant and important to update them with, so they should know about it and pass it around to those who need to know.

Here’s a great email example to show you how it works:

Hi Haley,

It’s important to note that they’re changing manufacturers over the next few weeks. Please let the team know as well.

All the best,
Steven Rogers

Is It Correct to Say “Please Be Informed”?

It is correct to say “please be informed.” It’s also useful in formal contexts, making it a great way to keep someone updated when you need to share more information with them.

We recommend using it because it is polite. It’s a direct way to share some new information with someone that reminds them they need to be informed of certain changes.

For example:

Dear Mr. Watkins,

Please be informed that we plan on changing a few of these things before moving forward. We hope you can understand.

All the best,
Suzie Denture

You may also use the following extensions:

  • Please be informed that this is my new email address
  • Please be informed that the meeting has been rescheduled
  • Please be informed that I have completed
  • Please be informed that we have not yet received
  • Please be informed that we will be having a meeting today
  • Please be informed that we are closed

They all allow you to sound slightly more specific when showing someone what you need to inform them of. So, each one relates to a situation.

Also, feel free to reword it with this variation:

  • Kindly be informed

It’s very similar and still polite. However, replacing “please” with “kindly” can help you to keep things interesting.

Also, you may have seen the following phrase before:

It’s synonymous with “please be informed.” Therefore, we recommend using it to help you keep things interesting when writing emails and wanting a different-sounding phrase.