12 Other Ways to Say “Thank You Both”

Are you trying to thank two people at the same time in an email or text message? Luckily, there are some great options outside of “thank you both” to help you mix things up.

This article has gathered the best synonyms. We’ll teach you how to say “thank you both” professionally and conversationally in different situations.

Other Ways to Say “Thank You Both”

  • I appreciate both of your inputs
  • Nice one, guys
  • Thanks, guys
  • I appreciate you all
  • You’ve both helped me a lot
  • I appreciate you both
  • You’ve both done wonders for me
  • Thanks a lot, lads/ladies
  • You’re both too kind
  • You’ve both done me a great service
  • Thanks a bunch, guys
  • I owe you both


  • “Thank you both” is a decent phrase to use in different contexts when thanking two people.
  • To sound more formal, you can say “I appreciate both of your inputs” in professional situations.
  • “Nice one, guys” is a great informal synonym to mix up your written options.

Don’t leave just yet! Keep reading to learn more about these synonyms and when they work. We’ve explained the most useful ones to help you understand more about “thank you both” and the alternatives.

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I Appreciate Both of Your Inputs (Formal)

“I appreciate both of your inputs” is one of the best ways to thank two people formally. You can use it when two people have given you ideas or information to help you solve a problem.

“Appreciate” is also a more professional alternative to “thank you.” That’s why it works so well in emails.

You can use it when emailing two employees who helped you solve a problem. It shows that you value both of their inputs into a situation and want to credit them both for it.

We recommend using “I appreciate both of your inputs” over “thank you both” in most business contexts. It’s much more effective since it recognizes what the two people in question did for you (rather than just saying “thank you” with nothing else).

These examples will help you understand it:

Dear Abbie and Michelle,

I appreciate both of your inputs in this situation. You’ve helped me understand what I still need to do before sending off my project.

All the best,

I appreciate both of your inputs, and I would like to offer you the jobs. You will do wonderful things here.

Nice One, Guys (Informal)

“Nice one, guys” is a useful informal synonym for “thank you both.” You can use it when you appreciate the work someone did to help you. Generally, “nice one” is a very casual way to say thank you.

You might want to use this when thanking two friends. It shows you appreciate the work they put in. It’s a great way to show respect and care toward people who have done you a favor.

“Guys” is a gender-neutral term that refers to two or more people. So, technically “nice one, guys” is more versatile than “thank you both” as it can apply to plenty more people.

However, you should not use “nice one, guys” in formal situations. While “nice one, guys” is great informally, “thank you both” works much better when you need to sound more professional.

Here are a few examples to help you:

Nice one, guys! I always knew I could count on you to help me through a problem like this.

Nice one, guys! Though, I’m not sure we’re through it all just yet! Do you have any other ideas that might help us here?

Is It Correct to Say “Thank You Both”?

You can say “thank you both” because it is correct. It works well in formal and informal contexts. You should use it when thanking two people (no more and no less).

Incidentally, you do not need a comma between “thank you” and “both.” While most formal sentences require the address to be separate from “thank you” (i.e., “thank you, guys” or “thank you, mate”), “both” does not work in the same way.

“Thank you, both” is also correct, but you can use “thank you both” without worrying about the comma placement.

You can also explain what you’re thanking someone for or emphasize your gratitude by using the following variations:

  • Thank you both so much
  • Thank you both very much
  • And thank you both for your help

Here are some other variations you can use that change how you use “both”:

  • Thank you, both of you
  • Thank you to both of you
  • Thank you to the both of you

Generally, “the both of you” isn’t often used. Most writers think it sounds a bit jarring, so it’s best to stick with “thank you both.”

Remember to bookmark this page to remind yourself of the best synonyms for “thank you both.” Then, you’ll have some great options for when you want to thank two people for their help.