11 Other Ways to Say “Thank You for the Reminder”

Has someone just sent you a reminder? “Thank you for the reminder” is the most common phrase to use in an email reply, but is it the only one?

Luckily, this article will answer that question. We’ve gathered some great synonyms to show you another way to say “thank you for the reminder.”

Other Ways to Say “Thank You for the Reminder”

  • I appreciate you checking to confirm
  • I’m glad you reminded me
  • Thanks for letting me know
  • Thank you for keeping me in the loop
  • I totally forgot, so thank you
  • I appreciate you telling me again
  • Yes, I remember but thank you
  • I appreciate the reminder
  • I knew I could count on you to remind me
  • Thanks for informing me
  • Thanks for telling me


  • “Thank you for the reminder” is fantastic in formal emails when someone has told you about something again.
  • Try using “I appreciate you checking to confirm” as another professional alternative.
  • “I’m glad you reminded me” is more conversational, so it fits into informal situations well.

Keep reading if you’re keen to learn more about the different alternatives. There are some great options, and we’ve highlighted the best ones and when to use them.

You might want to learn more about “thank you for the reminder” as well. Skip to the final section, as we’ve explained whether it’s correct to use it.

I Appreciate You Checking to Confirm (Formal)

“I appreciate you checking to confirm” is a great example of how to say “thank you for the reminder” more professionally.

It shows your appreciation when someone checks to ensure you remember something important.

This phrase works best when emailing a coworker who wants to meet with you. It shows that they confirm the date and time before booking anything. That way, they guarantee you can make it while reminding you of the original plan.

We certainly encourage using “I appreciate you checking to confirm” in formal contexts, similar to “thank you for the reminder.” Both phrases work well in business capacities, making them excellent to include in emails.

Here is an email sample to help you:

Dear Ady,

I appreciate you checking to confirm before putting anything on your calendar. Those dates work for me.

Kind regards,

I’m Glad You Reminded Me (Informal)

“I’m glad you reminded me” is a great informal synonym. It shows that someone has given you a friendly reminder to let you know that something is coming up.

You can use the phrase in informal emails or messages to friends and coworkers. It shows they have reminded you that something important is coming up in a conversational tone. You can be “glad” that they’ve reminded you to save you the embarrassment of forgetting!

Of course, “I’m glad you reminded me” isn’t all that effective formally.

You should stick with “thank you for the reminder” in formal emails to try and remain respectful and formal. “I’m glad you reminded me” is great in conversational situations, but “I’m glad” stops it from sounding as professional as you might need to in an email.

Check out how to use the phrase with the examples below:

Hey Maike,

I’m glad you reminded me! I wasn’t going to be at the meeting if you didn’t tell me that.

Thanks a lot,

Well, I’m glad you reminded me. Nobody else had mentioned that to me, so it completely slipped my mind!

Is It Correct to Say “Thank You for the Reminder”?

“Thank you for the reminder” is correct and formal. It works well in business emails when someone has sent a reminder about an upcoming event.

Generally, you’ll have the most luck with this phrase when you have forgotten about something before someone reminds you. It shows you are genuinely thankful that they reminded you before you ended up missing an event.

There are plenty of professional contexts where this phrase might work. We highly recommend using it in emails, as long as you’re not doing so sarcastically when someone is only trying to be helpful with their reminder.

Here are some other variations you can use:

  • Thank you for your reminder
  • Thanks for the reminder
  • Thank you for reminding me

You should bookmark this page if you’d ever like to remind yourself of some great synonyms for “thank you for the reminder.” You never know when you might need to refer to them again.