10 Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Your Attention”

Whether it’s after a presentation at work or a rant among friends, how do you thank those around you when they’ve attentively listened to you?

Is “thank you for your attention” the right phrase to use?

In this article, we’ll answer that question and also give you a list of alternative phrases you can use!

Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Your Attention”

  • Thank you for your time
  • Thanks for hearing me out
  • Thank you for listening
  • Your attention is appreciated
  • Thank you for hearing me on this
  • Thank you for your concern
  • Thanks for the support
  • Appreciate you listening
  • Your support is appreciated
  • Thank you for your consideration


  • “Thank you for your attention” is grammatically correct and suitable for formal contexts.
  • “Thank you for your time” is another professional alternative you can use in place of “thank you for your attention.”
  • “Thanks for hearing me out” is a suitable informal alternative.

Don’t go anywhere! In the next section, we’ll discuss our choice of formal and informal synonyms for “thank you for your attention” and use them in a few examples.

Thereafter, we’ll let you know whether “thank you for your attention” is the correct phrase to use at the office, or whether you should use a synonym instead.

Thank You for Your Time (Formal)

“Thank you for your time” is a good example of how to say “thank you for your attention” professionally. This phrase expresses gratitude to anyone who has found time in their busy schedule to pay attention to your matter.

You can use this phrase after a presentation or in a work email setting of a matter that you think is of great importance. In other words, it works well in formal circumstances.

It is our opinion that “thank you for your attention” is the most suitable phrase to use in these situations. Nevertheless, it’s useful to use a synonym such as “thank you for your time” to change up your language and keep your work emails varied.

Have a look at how this phrase might be used in a sentence:

Hi everyone, thank you for your time. I’d like to discuss my findings on our client survey.

This concludes the meeting, and we thank you all for your time today.

Thanks for Hearing Me Out (Informal)

There are plenty of important matters that need attention outside of the workplace. Nevertheless, it is just as important to give thanks when people are willing to listen to subjects that matter to you.

Therefore, our top pick from the informal alternatives is “thanks for hearing me out.”

You can use this phrase in informal circumstances, like when you’re advocating for change in your community or making a case for something amongst people you are close to.

This phrase is perfectly polite, but we wouldn’t recommend using it in work emails or other formal settings. In fact, “thank you for your attention” would be a preferable option.

Let’s see how this phrase might be used in a couple of example sentences:

In conclusion, banana and olive pizza is an atrocity brought to earth by big olive companies and the media has subliminally messaged you into thinking it’s an okay topping. Thanks for hearing me out.

Thanks for hearing me out, everyone, and please sign my petition if you’d like to support this cause.

Is It Correct to Say “Thank You for Your Attention”?

It is perfectly correct to say “thank you for your attention,” and this phrase is suitably formal for use in the office or other formal settings.

While our list of synonyms will help you mix up your language from time to time, they aren’t expressly necessary.

If you prefer the phrase “thank you for your attention,” there are ways to alter the phrase without using one of the synonyms above. Here are a few alternative ways to use it in an email exchange, for instance:

  • Thank you for your time and attention
  • Thank you for your attention to this matter
  • Thanks for your attention

In conclusion, “thank you for your attention” is grammatically correct and suitable for use in professional circumstances.

If you find our list of synonyms useful, go ahead and bookmark this page so you can return at any time!