12 Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Your Inquiry”

Are you looking for the best way to thank a customer for their inquiry with your business?

Perhaps you’re worried “thank you for your inquiry” doesn’t sound right or comes across as rude.

Well, you’re in luck!

This article will teach you how to formally respond to an inquiry when you need the right tone.

Other Ways to Say “Thank You for Your Inquiry”

  • Your interest in this is important to us
  • Thanks for getting in touch
  • Thank you for reaching out
  • Your inquiry is valued
  • We’re grateful for your questions
  • We appreciate your inquiry
  • Thanks for seeking information from us
  • Thank you for contacting us
  • We’re thankful for your engagement
  • Your questions are welcomed
  • Thanks for reaching out to us for details
  • Thank you for taking the time to inquire


  • “Thank you for your inquiry” works really well as a formal way to tell a customer you’re happy to hear from them.
  • “Your interest in this is important to us” works well as a professional synonym, showing you value someone’s input.
  • “Thanks for getting in touch” is great to use in more informal situations.

Keep reading to learn how to say “thank you for your inquiry” in an email. We’ve explored more regarding the best formal and informal phrases to show you what works.

Also, the final section explains whether the phrase is correct. So, if you’re wondering what to write when responding to business inquiries, this section might apply to you!

Your Interest in This Is Important to Us (Formal)

Generally, you can use “your interest in this is important to us” as another way to say “thank you for your inquiry.”

This is a great formal synonym that shows you how to acknowledge an email inquiry.

It’s professional and engaging. So, it lets customers know you care. After all, it’s good practice to show customers you value them. That will keep them coming back for more!

Feel free to review this email sample to learn a bit more about it:

Dear Ms. Barkley,

Your interest in this is important to us.

We will provide you with more information as soon as we have it.

Best regards,
Daniel Sprock

You can also include it in an auto-reply email. Of course, these are less personal. But they help you to keep things formal and sincere without having to worry about what is written.

For example:

Dear Valued Customer,

Your interest in this is important to us.

Rest assured, a trained technician will be in touch with you shortly.

All the best,
The Tech Firm

Thanks for Getting in Touch (Informal)

You can use “thanks for getting in touch” as a more informal synonym. This is another way to show that you’re happy to receive an inquiry from a customer.

Generally, it keeps things more friendly and conversational.

After all, “getting in touch” suggests you’re happy that someone reached out to you or your company.

Also, you can check out this sample email to learn a bit more:

Dear Andrew,

Thanks for getting in touch about this project.

I’ll let you know once I have information that you might find useful.

All the best,
Joey Adams

It’s also worth using it when texting coworkers. If they haven’t reached out for a while, it’s good to use a phrase like this to show them you’re interested in hearing from them.

We also recommend reviewing this message sample before continuing:

Thanks for getting in touch, Ben! I’m happy to work alongside you on this if you think that’ll help.

Is It Correct to Say “Thank You for Your Inquiry”?

It is correct to say “thank you for your inquiry.” It’s a good way to thank a customer when they’ve sent an email asking a question.

This email auto-reply sample should also help to clear things up:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your inquiry. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Best wishes,
Dean Sprack

Did you know there are differences between the usage of this phrase in US and UK English, too?

In US English, you must remember the following:

  • Correct: Thank you for your inquiry.
  • Incorrect: Thank you for your enquiry.

However, in UK English, the following phrases are interchangeable:

  • Thank you for your inquiry.
  • Thank you for your enquiry.

Clearly, in UK English, both are correct. However, it’s still more likely that you’ll come across “inquiry” as it’s deemed more formal and proper.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page before you leave, though! Then, you can keep coming back to remind yourself of the best ways to replace “thank you for your inquiry.”