11 Other Ways to Say “To My Understanding”

You’ve come to the right place if you want to find an alternative to “to my understanding.” Perhaps you’re worried it’s not the most appropriate phrase in formal writing!

Luckily, you have options. This article will explore the best synonyms for “to my understanding” to help you with your writing.

Other Ways to Say “To My Understanding”

  • From how I’ve interpreted this
  • As far as I can tell
  • It is my understanding
  • Based on my understanding
  • Based on what I know
  • As far as I’ve figured out
  • From what I’ve learned
  • If I’m to be understood correctly
  • If I’m right
  • Based on this information
  • Unless I’m wrong


  • “To my understanding” is a great phrase to show that you’re trying to answer something.
  • “From how I’ve interpreted this” is a formal alternative to mix up your writing.
  • Try “as far as I can tell” if you want a more informal synonym.

Don’t leave just yet! Keep reading to learn more about the best synonyms. Then, you can have more options to keep your writing fresh and exciting.

Or you could also skip to the final section. We have explained whether “to my understanding” is correct to help you figure out more about it.

From How I’ve Interpreted This (Formal)

“From how I’ve interpreted this” is a formal synonym for “to my understanding.” It works in a similar way, but it shows you’ve tried to figure something out. Generally, it’s based more on opinion than fact.

You can say “from how I’ve interpreted this” when emailing a coworker. It shows you have tried to understand something in a professional sense (i.e., a deadline or project issue).

Alternatively, you can use it when telling an employee they have done something wrong. It shows that you have looked into what they’ve done and deemed it incorrect.

You should use “from how I’ve interpreted this” and “to my understanding” in similar cases. They are both effective formal phrases, so they will both help you sound professional.

Here are some examples to help you with it:

Dear Mr. Boron,

From how I’ve interpreted this, I believe we only have one week to decide. Otherwise, we will miss the deadline.

All the best,
Sharon Panova

From how I’ve interpreted this, you’re still wrong. You need to reevaluate your answer before continuing.

As Far as I Can Tell (Informal)

“As far as I can tell” is a great conversational alternative to “to my understanding.” It’s a more gentle phrase that shows you’ve tried to work something out. It is not a confident phrase, so it comes across as more personal and friendly.

You may want to use it when talking to colleagues about lighter situations. It shows you have tried to come up with an answer and would like someone else to confirm (or deny) whether it’s suitable.

We don’t recommend using “as far as I can tell” in formal contexts, though. Stick with “to my understanding” if you want to sound as professional as possible.

Here are a few examples to help you:

I’m sorry, but as far as I can tell, this is the only solution. I’m all ears if you have a better one, though.

As far as I can tell, she didn’t say anything else about it. Maybe you should ask her, though.

Is It Correct to Say “To My Understanding”?

“To my understanding” is correct and formal. You can use it when you want to tell someone how you understand something, even though it might be an opinion rather than a fact.

Generally, “to” is the best preposition to use here. It shows that you’re trying to tell someone something related to what you understand. However, you may also use the following:

  • From my understanding
  • In my understanding

“From” is the next most effective. Though most of the time, people say “from what I understand,” as it feels more natural.

“In” is a bit jarring, so you won’t often come across it. However, it’s still grammatically sound and acceptable when sharing your opinion.

You can also use this variation:

  • According to my understanding

Adding “according” doesn’t change much about the meaning. However, it makes things clearer for whoever you’re speaking to that you’re basing something on your assumptions.

Bookmark this page to keep the list of synonyms for “to my understanding” close at hand. Then, you can keep switching between the best options to mix things up.